Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'M GON-A-GET U SUCKA.........
Me & Julien being silly. Here we are modeling the latest in bug net material. We couldn't find any bug nets, seems REI was sold out. So we bought the material and will make our own.
I'm off to go get my hair braided since I won't be washing it much and don't want to carry a brush. The braids woked out last season so I will do it again.


Anonymous said...

Diva, has stuff in stock...can get it to you overnight.

Is this for nighttime use under your shelter? Or is it to fight off those pesky daytime flies and skeeters?

mer said...

WOW! Nice nets!!! We have so much fun stuff to look forward to while you're out there on the PCT :)


Jo Lynn said...

Ha ha!!!! I couldn't believe that was you at first. That's too much.
Who's braiding your hair? I'm very anxious to see how it turns out.
Has Julien received all his packages yet?
~Jo Lynn

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra
If you are going to braid your hair any way, you should die it some cool funky colors.

Looks like you kids are having a good time.


Catra said...

Hey Aaron-
I got it braided with pink, purple & burgundy hair. I picked out the hair few days ago.
My head feels heavy I'm sure I'll get use to it.
I've good a lot of complimnets so far.
I will be easier to spot on the trail ;)

Catra said...

Hey Anon- thanks!
It's for mainly skeeters from HELL in the high Sierras and in Oregon.
I will just keep a jacket and pants on in the bad sections in Oregon.
Thanks again.

Catra said...

Hey XXoomer-
Yep it's going to be fun. so sit back, and relax and enjoy the ride ;)

Catra said...

Hey Jo Lynn-
I miss you & Boomer..Wish I wasn't so busy. I want to see you before I leave. I will make time.
Good luck during your race this weekend. i will be thinking of you.
Still waiting for his last package.
I got it Braided in Hayword at Awesome Braids. It took 8 hours.
My head a bit sore and heavy but the braids should work for the trip.

JeffO said...

I'm a sucker for braids. It's not rational or sane, and I can't explain it. I just go bonkers for women with braided ponytails.
So there - I'm outed.

I've been needing some netting for my mouth. There aren't that many bugs in colorado, but sometimes the knats swap along the trails and you can inhale a lung-ful. I was think panty-hose, but I seem to be in short supply!