Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Crossfit One world rocks!!! We have so much fun!!!
Me & Jo Lynn decided to test out our boxing skills in the ring. We have a lot of work if we want to go pro. We were afraid of hurting each other. We were having fun just goofing around.
Wow I'm pretty flexible with the one legged balance punch maneuver.
Jo Lynn has a mean right legged kick to the thigh maneuver.
In the end it was a tie and that's just fine with us. It really was a tie for the worst boxing ever.
I think we're going to stick to trailrunning and crossfit ;)

Run 800 meters
25 dumb bell cleans
25 knee to elbows
Run 600m
20 dumb bell cleans
20 knee to elbows
Run 400m
15 dumb bell cleans
15 knee to elbows
Run 200m
10 dumb bell cleans
10 knee to elbows
total time.



You kick ass girl!! Ha ha! Flying to Korea today. I'll try to get some pics!! Hope you have a great day!!



Jo Lynn said...

Right kick to the thigh maneuver? ROFL OMG! I swear you make me pee my pants sometimes. By the way, my head only required five stitches from your ruthless kick. ;-)
~Jo Lynn
P.S. Just kidding!

Catra said...

Jo Lynn-
U are so funny too.
You make me laugh.
You have great energy and are oh so fun to be around. I'm going to miss you when I'm gone for 78+days :(
See ya at XFIT.

mer said...

You two are so hysterical !*!*!*!*!

The new (fake) scars will make you look very sexy and ready for action!

Catra ~ What're the specs on your pack for the PCT trip? i need to get something for my August trip to CO since it is turning into a multi-day gig. Thanks a bunch!*!*!*

Did you see the Full Moon in Scorpio last night!?!?!? Incredible out here in the desert. Hope you got some of the beauty up in NoCal, too. i cannot wait to come for my visit in a few weeks. xxoo mer

Scott Dunlap said...

Catra -

Love the dog pics!

Quick question for you. I've had some questions on my blog regarding foot taping techniques. Have you done any blog entries about this? I've run into more than one person who said they learned their technique from you. ;-)

I will do a limited blog entry about it, but I know my taping technique is geared for the 50k/50m length. I would love to get/link to your knowledge about this subject for 100-milers.

Just leave a comment on my blog to chat, or send to scottdunlap (at)

Thanks and congrats on Diablo!