Friday, May 04, 2007

Life is a circle from childhood to childhood.
"Childhood to Childhood" Means a spiral of new beginings. Relationships begin anew every day. Give your attention today to renewing a relationship, initiating another spiral of life into a life that you share with someone.

Me & Julien on Mission Peak in the clouds. This picture was taken around 1pm.
Me & ju hit crossfit and went for a fastpack. Tomorrow we will go to crossfit and spend 9 hours on Mt. Diablo training. It's getting close our PCT adventure will here soon.

Last night I woke up and found a tick on Mr. Rocky. He never had one and I'm not sure how it got on him. I'm thinking he got it on the Alameda creek trail Monday or it came from my clothes from the Mt. Diablo 50m Sunday. I brushed him yesterday and it wasn't there. Tiffany took him for a walk and it wasn't on him before. Is it possible to pick up a tick from lawn? I always thought it was a wooded area.
My theory is the Mt Diablo race it got on my clothes. Lived in my room and hopped on last night. It was big full of blood. I was careful put a glove on and pull it out.
I will have the doctor check Rocky out next week, he has an appointment already.


Jo Lynn said...

Eeeeeeeeew, ticks are gross! Ticks thrive in moist areas so maybe your lawn after the rain? I don't really know. Do you put Frontline or Advantix on him? If it's not your lawn, I would say your Mt. Diablo clothes because Boomer didn't get any ticks from Alameda Creek Trail. What did Julien think of our lovely Peak?
~Jo Lynn

Catra said...

Hey Jo Lynn-
I put frontline on the Ticky boy I mean rocky once a month. ( thats his new name for today ticky boy)
He's not due for me to put it on util Monday.
I'm with you, I think it was crawling around in my room and jumped on him..I did pick 3 or 4 off me on Mt. Diablo during the race.
Ju Loved Mission Peak. He is staying 1.4 miles from it so he can run there anytime.
Hopefully you will be at crossfit tomorrow.

Jo Lynn said...

Hello Catra,
My plan is to be there 8:00 sharp to receive my Saturday morning punishment. :-/
Ticky Boy -- LOL
~Jo Lynn

Catra said...

Perfect..See you at Saturday morning detention 8am.

Anonymous said...

Rocky could have picked up the tick in your backyard. I have a dog too and found one on her the end of March??? YIKES. I do not like woodticks at all.
BTW, when does your PCT adventure start? How exciting!!!
Thanks for always being such an inspiration Catra!!! YOU ROCK!!!