Thursday, May 10, 2007

Me & Julia modeling our wall balls. We did a two hour crossfit today and got our butts kicked.
I have so much fun when Julia is at crossfit, she can be such a goof ball that's why I love her.
My training is going well. Crossfit & hiking/running with my pack. I feel ready and am so looking forward to being on the PCT. Julien has been lying low and metally preparing himself for the journey. He is heading back to SF today for a little sight seeing and shopping. We will hook up tomorrow, and meet up with FJ and get our schedule made up.
Go out and have fun today doing whatever you love to do.


Mr. Mirek said...

I just saw your page when looking up people who do crossfit. Looks like you do have fun @ CF. I do mine alone in Chicago, but I love it anyway. Are you packing the whole PCT? Even if not...WOW! I think I'll put that on my LIFE'S 100 list! Thanks for your candid posts.

Jo Lynn said...

Hi Catra,
You and Julia look like twins! What a great picture.
Glad to see you are feeling better today. I was getting a little concerned yesterday. :-/
I went out to "do what I love to do" today. Up to Mission Peak and back, with my boy -- 7 miles total. Reminds me, once again, how darn lucky we are to live here. Have a happy day!
~Jo Lynn

runrgrrl7 said...

Hi Catra,
YOu look great as ever. Have tons of fun doing the PCT. Takecare!!


Börkur said...

Hi Catra

I enjoy reading your blog, you´re awesome. Good luck on the PCT.


GB said...

I love CrossFit too. I swear it has made me a stronger, faster runner. I am addicted to it. I just wish I lived near a CrossFit Gym. I do the WODs in my backyard or at my gym, but it's just not the same. Great pic of you and Julia by the way!

Catra said...

Hi Mr. Mirek thanks for stopping by. Yep, I doing the whole thing all 2,650+ miles. I'm going for the overall record and hope to complete it in under 81 days.
It's a good challenge to put on your life's list.
That's awesome you're a crossfitter. I just love crossfit.
Those WODS kick my ass everyday.

Catra said...

Hi jo Lynn-
We do like like twins. You better watch out if Julia starts doing your hair we may become triplets..LOL

Gripperm said...

You look like you are having fun! I contacted my local Crossfit Chapter but I am a little too imitated to go there.

Catra said...

Don't be just go and trust me you will love it. Everyone works out at there own pace and everything can be modified to suit each person.
Just go you will be glad you did. You have nothing to lose. Right?