Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My growing pile of gear.....It keeps growing 'so much to do so little time :)
Today we will go to the post office to try to figure out where Juliens 3 packages are. He sent stuff a month ago and it hasn't come. It's somewhere is the US.
The books & the map. I'm so excited. I spoke to a group of 2nd graders yesterday. That was fun. They all wanted to know about the PCT. They are going to follow me along the way(through my blog). There was one little girl who stuck out in my mind she must of raised her hand 10 times. I told myself that little girl is going to be an amazing woman someday. I saw the thrill for adventure in her eyes. They were all excited for me and it really made me feel good.
Ok I know what you guys are thinking this looks like a vibrater. Well that's what I thought ;) But it's not! It's the latest in water purifiers. It's called a SteriPEN.
It uses Ultraviolet light to sterilize. It has been tested & used by Everest Climbers so it has to be good.
I want to thank Diana & Caren for the kind donations. Your donations purchased the SteriPEN. I will think of you ladies everytime I use it.
I will post what I purchased with other donations as I buy items. Thanks again you are all truley Angels.



Anonymous said...

Diva, I have and do use a steripen, mostly when I am packing solo.

A few things to determine if you have not used it before.

(1) The water still needs to be filtered.

(2) Use lithium batteries as they will sterilize significantly more water than alkaline batts. Maybe 5-6x as much?

(3) You will have to refill your bladder from your bottles. I don't think the steripen can handle the bladder scenario. Too many ozs of water.

Have fun with those new 'toys'!

Anonymous said...


Ditto on the lith cells. They're much lighter as well. Personally I don't use a filter with the SteriPEN. It zaps the DNA of all the nasties and they can't reproduce. I don't mind drinking chunks. I don't think you will either since you were not treating water at all last time I saw you. I think it's smart of you to do it now. Chances are you'll be OK without treatment but in your situation you can't afford to get sick. Anyway just make Julien carry the SteriPEN ;)

Happy hiking,

Kevin from the JMT.

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,
Nice looking site you have for the PCT page.
Looks like you can just about swim in your gear.
Don't get too caught up in the gear. I think you'll find a happy medium of what you really need very fast once you hit the trail, (like you can't do this in your sleep by now).
Just multiply it by 20.

I hope Jerry keeps this site up a while your on the trail as well.
Maybe a little more PG-13 rated, where we can really hear the good stuff of what's going on out there.

Have a great time.
The trail really is more your home than your house is.


Jo Lynn said...

Did you find Julien's stuff???

Catra said...

Hey Jo Lynn-
Two of the packages arrived today at my house. So hopefully package #3 comes tomorrow.
Tomorrow we will do at least a few of our drops. So much to do:0

Catra said...

Hi Aaron-
Thanks! Yes Jerry will keep everyone posted on where I am and how we're doing.
Don't worry I'm not getting to cought up. My only concern is the lack of water down south. We need to really be prepaired. I just want to make it through there safely & stay very hydrated.
Hey what day do you start for your unsupported JMT???

Catra said...

Hey Anon-
As long as it kills everything and I need to drink, I don't mind floates in the water;)
Yeah, the man at REI already told me to get lithium battieries you can get up to 130 liters. Alkaline you can only purifie 20-30 liters.

I already figured out I would have to pour from my bottle into the bladder. It will all work out.
It's going to be fun.
Thanks for the feed back.

Catra said...

Hey Kevin-
Great to hear from you! I don't usually treat my water in the Sierras but the rest of the way I will when I'm not sure about the water.
I'm glad you like the StriPEN. Everyone I know who has it doesn't use a filter with it either.

Me & Juien both bought one so he can carry his own ;)
Are you doing anything exciting this Summer??

Caren said...

Sounds like we'll get to follow along while you're out there? That would be AMAZING! I'm so pleased I got to contribute to your journey in a small way. So cool that you spoke to the kids...I would love for my daughters to meet someone like you.

Anonymous said...

Is someone carrying a pre-programmed GPS with the PCT in it?

Sort of kidding. I imagine the trail is fairly well marked and visible its entire length with cairns and signage?

Cellarrat said...

Kinna stubbled across your site... I don't run but am into long distance cycling.. I just picked up a steri pen for a 2490 mile race i'm doing this summer...

I'm testing out the steri pen this weekend on a bit shorter of a race...

I'll have a steri pen report next week on my blog...

Always a good idea too have a cem backup i really like mp-1's light a fool proof...

Very cool blog i'll be popping in alot. Good luck on the PCT!