Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Now is now. Are you going to be here or not?
A delicious question. Spend this day living fully in your reply, even if you're unable to let go of yesterday entirely. When you give yesterday more power than today, does it enhance the here-and now?
I just want to say thanks to my friend Julia who I love very much. She is my friend, running partner & hairstylist. She has always been there for me in happy times & sad. I'm going to miss you girl when I'm on the PCT.
She always makes my hair look pretty.
Look at my lttle man I'm going to miss him so much. That little face melts my heart everytime. He's got the it's to hot to go outside look going on.


JeffO said...

Rocky has the most endearing face. He's a cool dude.

Good luck on the PCT. I know you two can take the record!

Joseph LeMay said...

Good luck. When do you leave? I'd miss that guy too if I had a nice dog like that.

Jo Lynn said...

I absolutely LOVE the hair! Maybe I should consider having Julia do mine. :)
~Jo Lynn