Thursday, May 03, 2007

My New French Pacific crest trail doll has arrived.
He has all the features needed to make the long journey the instructions say just to give him food and water and he can go the distance...LOL .
Julien has finally made it to the US. He will be the perfect PCT partner. We have been emailing for over a year and finally we met face to face.
We're going to have a blast.
I took him to crossfit this morning to see what he was made of. He kicked ass. That proves to me we will rock the PCT.
Julien & Catra ,oh and Meme she's such a ham, she got into the picture too.


Jo Lynn said...

Welcome to the US Julien!!! You take good care of our girl Catra. Try not to wear yourself completely out before the PCT even starts. I'm happy to hear the good report. Hopefully I'll get to run with you before you leave.
~Jo Lynn

Anonymous said...

when will the infamous wild child, la femme dirt diva and her french doll share with us her gearlist?

Eudemus said...

Welcome to America Julien! You guys are going to have a total blast!!!

Anonymous said...

alright, the excitement builds. especially for the gear list (kidding)! hope J takes good care. c, you've been on a tear lately. u kill me. my real question is will you post while taking on the PCT? or is it an all out foot race.

Auggie's mom said...

Hey Ju, glad you finally made it! I hope to run with you & Cat before you 2 takej off. (This is auggies_mom that you posted on before). :)

olga said...

Hey, Ju!!! Glad you kicked some butt at CrossFit, otherwise I'd be worrying about you been dragged by the tiny body of Dirt Diva:) Now have a blast!

King Arthur said...

Say Hi to my friends “Troll” and the 12 year old “Oblivious” when you pass them on the PCT.


Anonymous said...

make Julien carry the tarp. he's a big strapping fellow. make him carry your pack, too!


Jen said...

C, I hope you have a good time on your run with julien!
Hey if you get the chance stop over to my blog. I met a lady that changed running for women, she is to thank for women running and enjoying the sport!

Jen said...

C, if you have time stop over at my blog. I met a lady that changed the sport of running for women.


Welcome to the US Julien!! and good luck on the PCT!!! Don't let Catra kill you!! :)



Catra said...

Hey DP-
My friend Jerry will be keeping the blog going I will call him once a week. I will send pictures via my cell phone so he can post pictures too.
I will have my gear list done soon. Still deciding on which pack to use.
It will not be fast but our days long 12 + hours.

Catra said...

Soon the gearlist will be done.

Catra said...

Hey Arther-
Is Troll and oblivious doing the whole PCT???
12 years old that's awesome I will say hi.

Catra said...

Hey Jen-
Thanks she did change running for woman.
We as woman can do anything we set our minds to.