Monday, March 26, 2007

Extreme..What is considered extreme to one person is not to another.
Is jumping out of a plane, Base jumping , Climbing El Cap, Running ultramarathons, attempting a speed record on the 2,700 mile Pacific Crest trail or Climbing Mt. Everest? There is always going to be something more extreme to do.
Thinking that because I did 4 workouts, in a day was extreme. I hardly think so.
Extreme is in the eye of the beholder. When you have been around and married once to one of best Speed Climbers, and extreme athletes then you know what it means.
I have met so many amazing athletes..base jumpers, slackliners, Big wall speed climbers and yes even a few people who have summited Mt. Everest. Unless your training for a 150 mile race I guess some of you couldn't understand why I would do 2 or 4 workouts a day. I hope this helps those few people that don't understand extreme.
Most of you do :)

In just 29 days the Mt Everset climbers will start their bids for the summit. They will face all their demons. Some will make it to the top. Some will be to exhuasted to try to push and turn away with maybe only 100ft to go. They must all know their own limits, in a place you can't breath or think very clearly. Some will not even make it down alive.
These are my heros the men & women who will attempt their dream.
I will pray everyday and be glued to the internet watching the teams attempting the summit.

Next year at this time I will be in Nepal heading to my first base camp. I hope to be trained enough to be on the team with Mountain Madness and make it through the Kumba ice falls. They have an expadition that goes through the Kumba ice falls.

I want to meet the men and woman of Everest and be part of their journey. My dream is to make my attempt of Mt. Everest in 2010.

I hope you all now know why I do what I do. It's all training to get me to the top of Mt. Everest.

Everst is calling me and I will go.

Good luck & prayers to all the climbers.

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Debbie said...

What a great post. I am totally transfixed by extreme climbing, be it in the Himalayas or Alaska or South America. I just finished reading 148 degrees (last night in fact)about the 1st winter ascent of Denali. It's funny... I myself, I dream of treking to the ice falls - but no further. But the stories stir something inside of me. It's funny. People ask you why you do what you do. They ask mountaineers why they put themselves at such risk. They even ask me, at my little level, why I work out daily. I just like knowing that I am bigger than my discomforts. And I like a strong responsive body. And it feels so great to have goals and kick ass. And I love the people that journey with me. I love that sometimes I prop them up and sometimes them me. And there is nothing like crossing that finish line. I always feel like a champ. Here's to our mountains, Katra -Deb

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about the requirements to go to Everest. It almost seems some folks get there because they have the $'s (more $'s than skill). In your case, you want to get their on your own merit (more skills, endurance, etc than $'s) and are willing to figure out how to fund it to make it happen.

From all your posts, I don't see much in the way of high altitude experience. Some folks don't do well at altitude. That can happen at 10,000ft for some. 14,000ft or higher for others. Please go and bag successively higher altitude peaks and add in lots of protected winter climbs.

I think you will definitely enjoy the entire experience when you get there.

Catra said...

Hi Anon-
Been up Whitney 5 times. I do plan on summiting a few big peaks before I go.
You are required to. With MM they want you to do one before you can sign up for the Kumba ice falls expidition. I will have done a few big peaks before I even attempt Mt. Everest.

Eudemus said...

Catra, that's awesome that you are planning to do Everest. As someone who used to rock climb, I can certainly understand the allure. I've been intrigued by mountaineering, but have not really felt the pull of the big mountains. Climbing, sky diving and even bungee jumping I have done and they all have their own amount of danger. However, there is something about the randomness of the weather up on those big peaks that has tipped the balance of how much risk I am willing to accept outside of my own control. Who knows, I may feel different once both my kids are grown and financially independent or maybe it will just never end up on my life list. But, I do like to hear about and read those who have done it and applaud any who make the attempt.

Drew Holmes said...

Go for it Catra, having a mountaineering background ( nothing as big as Everest for sure) i would suggest Raineer and also I climbed on Orizaba in Mexico and got to about 17,000 feet before being turned back by some icy section ( i was solo and did not feel it was worth it on my own) the thin air is a real challenge,,,but challenge is the point. You ruined 3 hours of my weekend as I was glued to checking out every nook and cranny of that crossfit page.....THANKS!!

Mike said...


You probably already know about this event, but I got this message last year about a marathon that starts at the base camp of everest. It interested me, so I kept it for future refrence. It might be a fun stepping stone to climbing everest to visit the base camp and then run a marathon. I know a marathon is short for you, but given the altitude, it might be as challenging.

I wanted to say that you inspire many of us runners, and I really like you positive attitude about life.

By the way, I am Mike Palmer (one of the 4 in this area) I know there is one who lives in Auburn and I believe you train with him. There is another in Sacramento, I live in Stockton, and another in the Bay Area. Every now and then I run a race and see myself listed twice in the results. Very strange. If you see Auburn Mike say hello for me.

I guess we wont be seeing you at WS or RDL this summer? I worked the aid station at Forrest Hill for WS and Willow Creek for RDL. My friend Lynne has the miso soup ready for you there.

Enjoy the trails this summer.


P.S. - You dont have to post any of this, but I did not know how to email you any other way.

Could you please take a look at our 4th running of this Marathon and place it on your schedule.

Tenzing - Hillary Everest Marathon 2006
Distance: 42km
Adventure trail running
Location of event: Kathmandu, Nepal
Actual trek to starting line: May 14 - June 2, 2006
Event date: May 29, 2006
Time: 7:00am
Cost: $2085 per runner
Cost for non-runner joining runner: $1885 per person
What is included: This is a fully supported trek with everything included, except international airfare, approximate cost of airfare $1400 from Boston or JFK.
Course description: You will spend two nights in tents at Everest base camp acclimatizing. The race will be run on May 29, starting at 7am and running until dark. The elevation at the Khumbu ice fall the starting point of the race just above Everest bc, is approximately 18,000 ft. The race starts as you run through the glacial moraine then onto a trekking trail that is well marked winding through villages, until reaching the village Namche Bazaar, elevation 11,300 ft. There are two steep sections with 2000 ft. elevation gains. With the many ups and downs you really don't lose in elevation gain.

Airfare: This will be arranged for you at the lowest cost. Right now a flight Boston - JFK - Bangkok - Kathmandu with tax is $1542.20 round trip. You are also free to arrange your own airfare.

Awards: Certificates of completion.
Metals for 1, 2 and 3 place men and women finishers
Separate winner classes NEPALI MEN & WOMEN / FOREIGN MEN & WOMEN

The course record is 4:03:08

Banquet following race finish

Official website:
Contact: Becky Harrison - North American Race Organizer
PO Box 446
Bartlett, NH 03812
Phone: 603-374-2438

Catra said...

Hi Deb-
I hear ya sista. I will have to read that book.
For me it all started with reading Into Thin air. I was sucked in. Most people after reading that would say no way, but me I said I want to do that. Of course I have a lot of work ahead of me. That's why next year I will head to the Kumba Ice falls. Maybe that will be enough who knows.
I really feel a connection to Everest. I think it is so beautiful.

Catra said...

Hey Steve-
I too love rock climbing.
Infact this year I hope to get back on El Cap and finish what I started in 2003 before I took a 40 ft fall. I want to make it to the top this time without injury.
So that's on my to do list this year. I loved being up there for three nights. The view was awesome.
Damn that storm!

The mountains are amazing and we must respect them that's for sure.

You are a father and I'm sure you must think before you take a risk.
I have no one but myself.

Catra said...

So sorry Drew! Crossfit rocks dude!
I went two times today :) and I will go two times tomorrow ;)

Jason said...

Sounds like you've got a great plan. I agree, extreme means different things to different people. As is said a lot, if you have to ask, then you probably won't understand it. Here's to finding we don't have limits.

Alikona said...

Wow! Awesome awesome awesome post. Couldn't agree more. I knew you were one of my heroes!!! I'll be cheering, praying and supporting you at the base as you summit Everest in 2010! You go girl. XO, Kona

Snakebite said...

Some of the most fun I've had has been mountaineering school and using what I learned. Good times!

olga said...

Cat, you're a dreamer...and it's awesome! You know, girl, a book "Into thing air" 6 years ago got mer into running. Who knew? I read it and decided I want it. I dragged my husband to summit Mt. Washington (in NH) in february as a test, in 50 below zero and wind 80 mph. He became a pretty darn good climber/mountaineer (not best, but solid). I became an ultrarunner (not best, but solid). If I hadn't read a book, I might still be sitting with a drink and a cigarette:)
One day I may start drema again. For now I will live through your dreams.

Jared Roy said...

that is awesome that you are training for that. extreme is so different for so many people. people think I'm extreme, but I'm just another bike racer

fluxmonkey said...

and "150 miles" mentioned in passing... your gonna be at mcnaughton!? great, hope to see you there. i'm only doin' 50 (just a training run) so maybe i can keep up with you for a few minutes!