Saturday, March 03, 2007

Check me out on the cover of the latest
Adventure sports journal.
This picture was taken at the Quad dipsea this
pass November. There is also a little write up
on me inside.

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willgotthardt said...

WOW, that is pretty sweet...congrats.

GREAT pic.

See ya around.

Will G.

Caren said...

How cool is that? You rock!


Anonymous said...

WOAH ...congrats Cat'
please send me one specimen!!!!!
and also one pic of you during your july 2006 trip
because i have an ITW of me in french trail magazine for PCT 2007 and i would like put pic of you if you are OK....;)
Love Ya

Anonymous said...

Sweet !!!, how very cool is that.
Congrats !
I so look forward to reading your daily post, thank you for enlightening my day !

positive vibes...always

Travis said...

thats great!! congrats!! I can barely get a spot on the refigerator at home. :)

Catra said...

Hi Will-
Thanks! How did your race go???
My friend Jerry ran with one of your friends yesterday his name is Ryan.
I ran 15 yesterday and just a short 10 today.
If feels good to run again. Tuesday I'm going to do 20 miles on Mt. Diablo. I love training there. Have you ever run there.
I have a sweet 31 miler I love running that starts at Mitchell canyon. I call it the 4 peaks run.
I hit all 4 peaks around Diablo.
Eagel Peak, Diablo, Mt. Olympia & North Peak, It's fun :)

eric said...

Right on, Catra!! Now I gotta figure out where to grab a copy of that pub down here in Socal.

RunBubbaRun said...

Dang cool, Looks like you are having so much out there.

Great cover pic.

JeffO said...

Oh, wow, Catra - you totally rock! That is way cool!

Eudemus said...

Way cool on the cover pic! I will have to get over to Sports Basement to pick up a copy. Glad to see you are back running and it doesn't seem to have slowed you down at all. Have a great time on Diablo on Tuesday. I always think of it as "my mountain" since I grew up living in a house that was about 1300ft up the base on the east side. It must be nice to be able to do runs like that during the week!

Catra said...

Hi Caren thanks!

Catra said...

Ju I will get you a copy as soon as I can get one. I don't even have it yet.
Ok I will email you a picture of my 2006 trip.
Love ya

Catra said...

Hi Scott-
Thanks..You're awesome :)

Catra said...

Hi Travis-LOL!!!That's funny.

Catra said...

Hi Eric-
Maybe adventure 8 or REI.

Catra said...

Hi Runbub-
The Quad. Dipsea is the shortest race I do 28.2 miles. But most people don't realize is I run 20 miles two days in a row leading up to that race. This way I can get a back to back to back runs in.

Catra said...

hi jeffo thanks ;)

Catra said...

Hi Steve-
Yep, I'm back. I am really taking it easy though.
It's slow in my department at Whole Foods(Whole Body, nutrition)
So I've been working 3-10;30 but they gave me a couple 5-10:30pm. They know I don't mind ;)
I can get really long runs in during the week.
Take care.

willgotthardt said...

"Hi Will-
How did your race go???"

It went real well, thanks. I finished fifth, having hit the summit turnaround in eighth position. The level of competition with EnviroSport seemed to be a notch or two above PCTR overall (much younger). I finished both behind and ahead of some very accomplished/experienced racers. Overall pretty happy, I had a bit of a bum wheel (sore knee) that slowed me some, but not much.

"My friend Jerry ran with one of your friends yesterday his name is Ryan".

Yeah that is my Ohlone 50K training partner/friend, very good guy, very competitive, very fast. At just 26yo he is the juvenile pre-registered male entrant. ;-)

"Tuesday I'm going to do 20 miles on Mt. Diablo. I love training there. Have you ever run there".

Well I am also registered for the PCTR Mt. Diablo 50K just two weeks after the will begin training there soon. Your loop run sounds like a good (tough) one.

I'm glad to read you are back to running, happy for you....all seems well again.

Will G.

willgotthardt said...

"I call it the 4 peaks run".

OK there's a timely joke in there somewhere, but I will refrain.


GB said...

Oh my gosh, you absolutely rock Catra! Look at you go on that cover! You always have a smile on your face and are always spreading good cheer. I'm so glad you got that cover, and a write up. You deserve it!

Catra said...

Hi Will-
You Ohlone 50k training seems to be going well.
What are you running next???
In a few weeks I'm doing a 75 mile run out on the Ohlone course. I'm training for a 150 mile trail race.
Maybe you can join me on the night section just for fun.

LOL 4 peaks your funny.

I know I'm not fast like you but it would be fun to run with you at some point. You would have to slow down a bit.

I'm running the 50 miler on Mt Diablo. I really like that course.
I'm leaving 3 for the PCT 3 days after the Ohlone 50k (100 miler for me)
So no Mt Diablo 50k for me.

Catra said...

Hey GB-

Thanks so much for the nice post. I try to always have fun.
Life is to short not to ;)

willgotthardt said...

"Hi Will-
What are you running next???

PCTR Pirate's Cove 30K, then PCTR Santa Monica 30K.

"In a few weeks I'm doing a 75 mile run out on the Ohlone course. Maybe you can join me on the night section just for fun".

OK you are crazy, but that sounds good, I can get my friend Ryan too. I have never ran at night (on trail).

"I'm running the 50 miler on Mt Diablo. I really like that course".

Excellent...Ryan & I are volunteering at Rock City aid station. I will have cowbell for you & others!

Will G.

Catra said...

Hi Will-
That would be awesome if you and Ryan came out at night to keep me awake. I will let you know when I'm doing it.
It's going to take me around 24 hours. I'm just going to take my time.
I have a couple friends who want to run the 100k out on the Ohlone so I told them I would stay with them.
What I would do is time so tou and Ryan could run out towards Sunol & meet us than you two could do the last 13 miles with me ;)

Mauricio said...

Hey Catra!

Last week I was in Sunnyvale for a conference and happened to grab a copy of that mag at one of the REI stores.

That picture of you is great, a true reminder of all the fun that lays out there in the trails. You've become the hottest stuff in my cube's wall ;)

Keep up rockin'!


Ron Little said...

Awesome picture. You're hot! I picked up the issue in Santa Cruz yesterday.