Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One more picture of me on Half Dome.

Thought of the day-
All the sadness and drama you have lived in your life was rooted in making assumptions and taking things personally. The whole world of control between humans is based on that. Take a moment and consider this.


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Ariel said...


Ariel said...

Hi Catra!
I just read your biopic in VEGnews! Awesome! What made you go vegan and then raw? I just went vegan and so far so good. My energy level has improved and I feel better....not to mentioning the ethics of this choice.
Best wishes,

Herc Driver said...

Great pic! I've got to go there some day!!!!! 2 more days and then I go home!!

I'm REALLY missing my family!!!!!



Catra said...

Hi Ariel-

Great :)
I decided to go vegan when I stopped doing drugs and drinking.
I wanted to have a clean body.
We raised animals(sheep, pigs , steers. I was in 4H.
I became kind of a vegetairian when I was 9. My favorite steer Charlie ended up in our freezer. I use to name all the animals.
It was a sad day. so growing I never would eat beef.

i love animals so it's a choice I made . I don't force my views on anyone it's just my choice.

I feel better about myself eating healthy. I am 95% percent raw mostly.
It's a challenge running Ultra's being 100%. The longest I was 100% raw was for 4 months.

Thanks for the email ariel.


Catra said...

Hey Tom-

I'm so happy you get to see your family soon. I'm sure they miss you. Give little Ash a hug from me.
You bet I will visit you when I start traveling the world.

Ultra Okie said...

Hi Catra!

Seems like the Vegan raw thing would be difficult. Are steamed vegetables still considered raw? What do you eat to make sure you get plenty of protein? Do you take any supplements/vitamins?

Have a great weekend and happy trails!!


ps: Don't forget to get those pavement miles in too!!!

Brad said...

Where did you grow up?? I was in 4-H myself (and showed steers for many years at the county fair!)
Still a big 'ol meateater...but you never know!

I might get a chance to go up Half Dome in you know when they take the cables down?

Feminist Runner said...

I needed that thought of the day. I'm running through some really hard times with people were close to me.
I need to remember my role in the problem as well.

And I always do when I'm running.

squirrel_nutz said...

Hello again Catra-

Well my 'time trialing' up Stanford MP is going well, I've shaved just over 2 minutes off the past two weeks. Yesterday (Thursday) was very HOT however and I gave back a few seconds.

Great photo (you look like a statue), what an amazing view!

I wanted to commend you on your comment(s) I read elsewhere about cleaning up the trails each day, I came down with FOUR Gatorade/water bottles yesterday...sad.

See ya around.

Catra said...

Hi Steve-
I actually PR'd at Umstead in 2005 on a 100% raw diet.
It's not as hard as it sounds but when I'm running hundreds it's more of a challenge. No steamed vegetables are not raw. Raw is anything that is not cooked higher than 118 degrees. So dehydrating foods is ok. I have many raw food books.

My friend at work made me a raw carrot cake when I got back from my 511 mile fast pack.

I work at whole foods and we sell a pretty good about of raw foods product. My fave is the raw foods pizza.
I get plenty of protien from raw nuts.

I ran 8 miles of flat yesterday. Today 20 of trails. Next weekend is Wasatch 100.


Catra said...

Hey Brad-

I was in 4-H in the Bay Area(Fremont) I showed lambs. I also showed a big once(Porky) boy was he hard to control.

They take the cables down before October usually. You can still go up with them down. It's really no problem. You just hold onto the cable that is on the ground and pull yourself up.

Hey make sure you let me know when you will be there. I would love to go up with you.

Catra said...

Hey SN-

I was out there today I started running at 12 ish wanted to get some heat training in.

That's awesome you are getting faster.

Awesome I'm glad you picked up the bottles. I sometimes carry a trash bag up to clean up the trail.

One day a woman say me and had the nerve to ask if I could put her bottle in my trash bag.
I snaped pack in pack it out. I'm not your garbage lady :)


Catra said...

Hey FR-

Running has helped through every challenge in life.
In 2002 when I found my Mom dead as soon as everyone left. I went for a run and planned the perfect funeral. I did it exactly the way my Mom would of wanted it.

I think if I wasn't a runner I may of gotten super depressed and might of even killed myself.

I miss my Mom everyday but I also know I'm making her happy by living life and enjoy each moment. She is always with me :)