Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pole dancing on Mt Diablo. This was taken on the summit inside the building on Mt. Diablo.
It's great to be running without the 16+pound pack.
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Anonymous said...

OH ...
you are a fire women!!!!!!

Ultra Okie said...

That's hot Catra!

RunningYam said...

Hi Catra,

You're back and it's unbelievable! I just started to read your post on this hike last night. Now you're finished it and have played at Mt. Diablo with energy. Truly awesome!

See you soon at Mission Peak trail!


Catra said...

hey ultra okie thanks.

Catra said...

hi chihping-

I hope you had fun visting your family. I had a blast on the trails. I hope to see you soon.

Feminist Runner said...

Welcome home, catra! And well done. My sister-in-law tried to teach me to pole dance when I was visiting them this spring, but it wasn't after running so far.