Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tahoe rim trail....Sometimes little things excite me and make me smile. Just like a little pacth of snow along my journey. I really missed all my family and friends. It was fun most of the time out on the trail. I will tell you it was no picnic. 10-12 hours of forward motion a day. Hiking and running all day is hard work.
In the end it was all worth it. Even if I didn't link up the entire trails as planned. It was still a link up and epic adventure.
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Siegfried said...

Welcome home.

Avery said...

You are amazing! It's been fun tracknig your adventures. Quick question: Where do you get your skirts from? (They look like Patagonia maybe??)

Ultra Okie said...

congrats and welcome home Catra! What an awesome experience. It was fun following along with you via the blog. Looking forward to more pics and more of the story...


Catra said...

Hi Averae-

I just convert my Patagonia running shorts into skirts.

I've been running in skirts for a few years. I love wearing skirts better than shorts.
I think they look cute.
I plan on designing my own line of skirts. I hope to do it before the end of the year.

Catra said...

hey ultra okie. Thanks for following me. Yes it was fun.

Catra said...

Hey JMT Kevin-
Thanks. I had fun hanging out with you on the trail. I wish we could of spent a couple more days together.
Thanks for hanging with me during the river crossings.

Jack said...

I have enjoyed following your adventure, thanks for sharing it with us. You're truly amazing, respect!

Catra said...

Hi Jack thank for the nice words.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.