Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm Back!!! JMT,PCT(96 m)TRT. 511 miles, 21 days 1 hour & 27 min.
I finished today and I'm back home. I'm off to sleep in a bed. I feel a little weird. I almost feel like going outside and sleeping in my back yard with my dog. But I won't.
I will go away this weekend again to camp out on Mt. Diablo.
I will write my story soon. I missed all of you.
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runjoey said...

Welcome Back Catra. I look forward to hearing your story. I'm heading out the door now to fly out to Leadville for my first try at running at altitude. I've started a blog recently so I can have all my stories in one spot.

See ya

Anonymous said...
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Catra said...

Thanks Joey. Have fun at Leadville.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

woo hoo! glad you are back; glad you enjoyed it. I had fun reading about your journey along the way!

Catra said...

Hey Angie-
Thanks for following along the way I really had a blast.