Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Me & Jerry on the Tahoe rim trail. Just want to give a very big THANK YOU to Jerry for all his help and support during my journey. I'm very lucky to have Jerry as a friend. Words could never express just how thankful I really am for your help.
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Ultra Okie said...

Yeah, you are lucky. Everyone could use a "Jerry". :)


Jon said...

Hello Catra, You don't know me from Adam, but I am a fellow veteran of the Peak. Used to Mountain Bike there all the time, but now I live in Alabama, nothing even remotely as satisfying as the Peak here. I've never run an ultra or a marathon, but have always enjoyed running the peak. Whats the best way to train for a first 50k. Oak Mountain State Park has a 50k every Spring out here. Thanks for any info you might share.