Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Look at your own life. Has it become overly complex? Have you found yourself burdened by too many possessions or responsibilities? Take a deep breath and ask yourself: “What steps can I take to reduce the clutter so that I may live simply and joyously?

We had a fun and busy weekend 2 days of celebrating Halloween with Andy and Rocky. WE hung out in Sierra Madre Friday and went to Long Beach to the biggest Halloween event in the world for dogs. We marched in the parade with 500 other people and dogs. They had awesome costumes. People were so into it. Well I guess I was too because I dressed Rocky up.
He was by far the cutest Hot dog in a bun ever.

I must also say Andy was the spookiest and scariest ghost of all time ;-)
And well me ,I was Super Girl one day and midnight fairy the next.
I plan on on being in SoCal again next weekend for the 1st annual Malibu Marathon. It will be interesting since I haven't run a marathon since 2001.


Shannon said...

Very Cool costumes....

Rob said...


I hope no one tried to eat Rocky! Very cute!

Susi said...

you guys look fantastic and rocky is adorable!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Great pics! Good luck at the Marathon!

My wife just did her first 50K trail race, and I ran part of a loop with her to take photos. I thought of you running trails with your camera! Check it out:

Pam said...

Love the photo's...sexy!

Hello cute puppy!


Chad Sayban said...

That dog costume is hilarious!

Jon said...

Looks like you and Casper...I mean ANDY had a good time. *LOL*

Honky Lips said...

Live simply and Joyously. That is a great line and one I try to live by.

Love the costumes!

I might be in Malibu at that time. If you are down that way for the following weekend you can help Brian K. and I work an aid station at SM 50k.

PunkRockRunner said...

Love Rocky's costume!

Enjoy the Malibu Marathon. I have a bunch of friends running it and I was going to but we had already signed up for the Big Sur Half and the family wants to get their Monterey on.

I would think running in a marathon "atmosphere" again will be a bit odd for you. After all, it's "only" 26.2 mile ;-)

All the best,