Monday, November 16, 2009

Andy and I on top of Jones peak or what use to be a beautiful peak. It's now a fire break. We started in Bailey canyon and went all the way to Mount Wilson and down Chantry. The fire break is a steep bitch. It's not a smart why to go and impossible to run. I was happy to see Mount Wilson and was happy to see they really did a great job on saving it from the fires.
We had such a fun run it was a cool day and cold on the top. I love spending time with Andy he is an amazing Ultrarunner. He is so nice to always go slow ,with his slow girlfriend.
We we are such goofballs when were together. I really can't wait to move to Sierra Madre one day. i love that little town and all the nice people.
We don't have much time to train for Chimera 100 miler it's just around the corner. But first up I have Quad. dipsea #12 for me and Andy has a 40 miler. We then have Ridgecrest 50k. Fun times.

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Becca said...

what beautiful scenery!!