Monday, November 23, 2009

Had a fun run with Jerry, Faye and John along the Ohlone wilderness trail.
Friends make the world a better place.

I know my situation will get better and I already talked with a Lawyer. I just need to take action which I am doing and stay positive.

Thanks for all the awesome comments everyone it means a lot to.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you can get the gal from Moeben to design the "Catra" sleeves and skirts with your tattoos and "Dirt Diva" on them with a percentage of the proceeds going to you? I would buy them! Bet a lot of your readers would too!


Anonymous said...

Another idea popped into my head.....How about guided running tours of some of your favorite places that people typically wouldn't go to? Your blog could be your marketplace. Best of luck. You'll find a way.


Catra said...

Hey Sara how are you?? are you still going to One world??? I go to Crossfit unlimited it's way closer. If you ever want to go you can come with me as my guest. I live near you. So lets run up Mission peak sometime.
I don't have your number anymore I have a new number. email me at I want your number.
Thanks so much you rock!!!

PunkRockRunner said...

Hi Catra,

Sorry to hear about your recent financial troubles. If anyone can get through tough times it's you.

I was also going to with you a Happy Thanksgiving but then I realized that EVERYDAY is like Thanksgiving for you :-)

Stay positive my friend!!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

hey girl , hope all is getting better for you , keep your sprits up , it is a spirtual battle that we live in , there has to be a way for you to make a living and do what you do ,be you , you have been through alot , you have a story to tell ,and you inspire others to do better and more with there lives ,young girls should read some of your stuff , and know that they can do anything in life , motovational speaker ?mike h