Thursday, February 05, 2009

TAO is the truth. Follow it. Meditate on it. Become it. Then forget it. Only then can you live it.
So Carl and I broke up a couple days ago. A break up doesn't have to be viewed upon as a bad thing. It's just means we had different paths that we wanted to take. I don't believe in wasting someones time. Most people stay stuck in situations for a long time. I have so much stuff I wanna do in the wilderness..Like fastpacking and running long trails. Non of which Carl can do because he believes in a different way of training ,not going longer then 13 miles. My life is running. it is what keeps my soul alive. And every year I must take my few weeks to live in the wilderness.
It's sad but at the same time best for both.
Carl is an awesome person and great CF trainer.
I wish him the best on his journey through life.
I'm off to SoCal me and Rocky going on a road trip. Meeting up with friends do do Coyote 2 moons 100 mile training. I hope to stop by the Elite fitness academy for a WOD. Love coach LeClair he is an awesome trainer.
We must always take risks. That is our destiny.


Anonymous said...

"There are moments when I love you so much that my chest tightens and I can hardly breathe; and others when I feel so alone without you that my chest tightens and my heart bleeds.
I miss you Carl David Borg.."

On to the next one.

Anonymous said...

As always Catra
u r inspiring
so many days your enthusiasm
and mountain legs have pushed
and challenged and helped endure
I was quietly curious how you'd
sustain it all--wildness, life, love
the harmonics of balance
good thoughts yr way
yr motion ripples on and out vibrating
many thanx for sharing


*Ultra*Rockstar* said...

you look beautiful in that first picture Catra.

Good luck and best vibes this weekend.

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog. I'm not new to ultras or tris, but new to crossfit. I'm really struggling with the lower mileage thing and almost feel like I've gained wt (muslce) which I didn't paticularly want. Is there a point at which the mass plateus and you do not gain? 5/8 165lbs, and would like to be 155 for racing. It looks like you scale the wod, but continue the miles, is that correct?

I can definitely see why Carls chest tightens.
JB in CO

Catra said...

Hey JB-
I only scale the wods if I can't do the weight. I push hard always at crossfit. I go 5 days a week or do crossfit from home if I can't get to the box. I try to do a tabata everyday just keep myself strong.
I don't follow the low mileage plan. I love the wilderness to much not to be out there. To much to see. And life is to short.

I can't say I have gained weight doing crossfit. It has changed my body and I weigh the same but my clothes are loser. Just converted the fat to muscle for me.

Crossfit will help your races

Sunshine Girl said...

Like you say, Live Life, Love Life. Doesn't mean it's always easy, but you are certainly living it larger than most. Love the photo of the oak and the pond, with the blue reflected in the water. So pretty, just like you!

Jealous about Coyote Two Moons, its on my list and it will be like going to running camp! Now there is something to look forward to!

CoyoteGirl said...

Sorry to hear the break up news but glad to see that you are doing just fine. Have a great time training and on your road trip!


Evan said...

Sorry to here about the break up Catra.

You are an inspriration to a lot of people though. I can tell that just by reading your blog and reading others comments. Plus when we met you were cool as hell!

A lot of times I look around at all the lack of living in our world and wonder why we pity the dead so much. You are one of the few people that do not take life for granted.

Stay positive and happy. You have a lot of friends out there. Even as far north as Alaska.

Anonymous said...


You have a wonderful way of looking for the positive even in difficult situations. Thanks for the inspiration. Take special care.


Ordinarylife said...

Your outlook on life is fantastic!

Good Luck and enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

I admire your strength and determination. You know what you want and you arent afraid to get it

Rob said...

Sorry to hear about you and Carl, but glad to hear it sounded like a better than average ending, and that at least you knew and accepted that your issues needed addressing and that they probably wouldn't change. I know I've made that mistake in the past.

Keep on running, hope the Rock-ster is doing well! I'd kill to be out on Mission Peak right now for sure!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! Such positive energy! What an inspiration you are!

Smithposts said...

Been following your path from afar! Be safe on your trip to SoCal with Rocky and have a great time.

Neal Jamison said...


I was going to comment on how beautiful you look in that first pic, and I see I'm not the only one who thinks so. You and Carl are both great people. When I almost quit running last year due to injury, very small words of encouragement from you and Carl made a difference. Thank you for that.

Nick said...

What a bummer.
At least you are one of those people who know what they want in life and will not let anything get in the way of that.

That to me, is strength.

Chieko said...

Sorry to hear about the split with Carl. Keep the spirits up and get well soon! I love your new photo collage!

Catra said...

hey to the anon who wrote me. Like I really care what you think! You are nobody..You are one of those who lives through others because you're a loser. Dude I have a job and am lucky I can travel and they support someone who wants to live their dreams.
I live life to the fullest. That's how it should be.
It's ok to be picky I don't have to settle for just anyone.
You sound very unhappy I feel sorry for your wife. I bet she's never around you because you're so negative.
Please don't worry about my life you guys on Irongram need to get a life. I can tell whenever you guys link to my blog...You know carl and I are still friends too.
Bet you hate that..Looks like there's no good gossip....I love being me ;)