Wednesday, February 11, 2009


You do not determine your success by comparing yourself to others, rather you determine your success by comparing your accomplishments to your capabilities. You are "number one" when you do the best you can with what you have, every day
All the world is a gym, and the men and women are merely members. They have their weight rooms and aerobics classes and one person in their time has many opportunities to stay healthy.

Exercise and activity should not be confined to typical, formalized activities that you see in health club flyers and infomercials. There are a million ways you can enjoy being fit and still have fun. Kids do it at the park and in the schoolyard everyday.

Take the time to Find your Playground!
I found mine two years ago it's called crossfit. I suggest you check it out so you can decide if you like it or not.

What is Crossfit?

HQ Says

Crossfit is as Crossfit does!

and Crossfit does constantly varied, if not random, functional movements performed at high intensity.

That’s a mouthful. Let’s break it down;

Constantly varied: The best program is the one that you’re not on. If you are not switching things up and trying new variations, loads, sets, reps etc in your current workout, you are not getting the variety needed to make continual progress! Crossfit takes this one step further by presenting workouts in such a fashion that there is such great variety that they appear random and totally unpredictable, just like those little ‘oppurtunities’ life throws your way.

Functional Movement: Here’s one of the most misused terms in the fitness industry! Functional movement is purposeful movement. It is natural, and irreducible. It is not only safe but the most efficient way to accomplish a motor task. Functional movement is deadlifting, cleaning, squatting, pressing, pulling. Forget about the balance board. It will not be found at Full Circle.

High Intensity: Intensity is often defined in weightlifting as a percentage of maximum. The greater the percentage of your max you are lifting, the greater the ‘intensity’ of your workout. Well, that’s all well and good, but we mean something slightly different. We mean Power. We mean work, divided by time. Lifting a 95% max deadlift is intense, but it’s not an intense workout. Lifting a 75% deadlift for 21 reps and then doing 21 handstand pushups as fast as you can, that is intense. So we define intensity by relative power output.

Crossfit seeks to enhance an athlete’s ability to produce greater levels of power over broad time and modal domains. That means bigger maxes in heavy lifts, as well as shorter times in 10K’s. That means putting out more whether it be something moderately heavy 45 times, or whether it be repeated bouts of near sprints. Let’s face it, life is neither a marathon nor an Olympic lifting contest. It’s something in between. It’s precisely due to this fact that one can clearly observe that ‘nature, as well as combat punishes the specialist’. It is with this in mind that we earnestly seek to be competent in every aspect of fitness, and not waste too much time trying to be the best at any one thing. A well rounded athlete will always have choices as to how to best accomplish a motor task. A specialist only has one choice. If his square peg doesn’t fit that task’s round hole, he loses.

WOD 2/11/2009

Complete three rounds for time:
  • 21 deadlifts (M:225#/W:155#)
  • 21 ring dips

You are shooting for 10-12 minutes in this workout. It's a long time, but I really want you to concentrate a bit on your form during the deadlifts.

I did the workout in 10:05 with 115lb I will tell you my form sucked and my back is hurting. I am sick so should of took it easy. I also ran 6 x 400 meter sprints. Only because I wasn't feeling well enough to do a long run today.


Jo Lynn said...

Ooooh, sorry you are sick. :(

Nick said...

You've inspire me to do CF.
If I had not followed your Blog all this time I would have never know the benefits. I definitely would not be in as good a shape as I am now.

I look forward to the day I can be a serious CF athlete.

Ordinarylife said...

thanks for the info. And the new header is great!

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra, the collage on your home page looks cool! Noticed a few pics that were probably from the PCT... are you still thinking about getting out to Sisters and completing the trail north to Canada this summer???


mrjwhit~ said...

I am with Nick. I wouldn't have found my fitness niche if it weren't for your great blog. Thanks for being so willing to share your ups, downs and all those trees. You're a fantastic CF warrior.

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

been following your blog for a while and really enjoy it! I moved to the East Bay last year.

LOVE the new lay out!

Victoria said...

The new banner thing looks great!!

Feel better soon...

Stuart said...

WOW that last picture is so intense!

Dan Barger said...

Hey Catra, Dan Barger here, Hey I had heard that you knew and/or used David Ladezma, I had used him in the late 90's and was trying to catch back up for him to work on me this year, Do you have his contact info? Thanks
408 499 9180