Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Beginning
Release your worries and your cares, just let go as if you had no idea of what might or could happen. Don’t hang onto the idea of loss or failure because, if you let go of all you think you want, want will be replaced by true happiness. What you need will be given or will manifest itself, even though it is unlikely to come in the form you think it should. All mistakes are eventually corrected as the universe takes a hand in your affairs.
©Stephen Haynes

These images were taking last week on my 100k run along the Ohlone wilderness. Most people don't realize to reach the trail to this wilderness it's at most a 30 min. drive to get there. So if you live in the Bay Area there is no excuse. You can access the trail starting points Fremont, Sunol or Del Valle.
Do yourself a favor and get out and explore the beauty this area has to offer.
Today I dropped my Vehicle off to get serviced so ran the road. Not much beauty in that.
Rocky and I will be heading to Sierra Made after I get off of work tomorrow. Going there to train and visit. Hopefully there will be no rain this weekend.

WOD " Tabata"
Push-ups -Sit-ups- Squats.


Undersharing said...

Today's run might not have been as pretty as usual, but I remember a post from a year or two ago where you did the same thing and it really inspired me to get off my butt (and my bicycle) and start running places as transportation. I don't know how I had biked places for so long and never thought about doing the same thing with running!

I'm not giving up my darling bike completely, but for shorter errands running has become my favorite way to get places. Thank you!

Catra said...

Hey girlie-
You are so right...Just a mellow 8 miles "Even on the road" helps to clear my mind.
I did enjoy it :)

I glad you run and bike...When I have extra money I want to buy a mountain bike..
Have a great day.

Evan said...

Whats up girl?

Wonderful pics as always. You live in a Mecca for runnin'.

Have a fun safe weekend.

Jes said...

I love those pics!

Have fun this weekend!

And thanks for passing along Julia's salon info - her and her coworkers turned me into a funky redhead and I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Catra,

Have fun in Sierra Madre, you're all over the place :-)

Love your new shoes.

Victoria said...

Snow! Snow! Snow in Ohlone! I wish I had seen it--nice pics. Have fun this weekend!