Monday, July 28, 2008

Skyline 50k course fun run.I ran the Skyline 50k race course with Co-RD Mike Palmer yesterday. We were out just making sure the course was in good shape for Sundays race.
I had run in Tuolumne the day before and thought I would be to beat up after my 100 mile race last weekend and little sleep on Saturday.

It was cool and foggy and stayed that way most of the day. On the climbs we got warmed up. I was surprised how great I felt. I love the trails in this area. I use to run there all the time. Mike and I used to do night runs out there once a week. I miss those days.
We had a blast. We stopped and talked to people we saw and knew along the way.
I'm glad I came out and ran the course with Mike. I'm not running the race next weekend but will be there checking the markings the first 8 miles. I will also be at the finish line cheering everyone on.
If you haven't sign up you still can and if you wait until Sunday you can still get in. It will cost $100 if you wait until race day.
Here is the link to the race

I look forward to see you all there.

I will be in SF on Friday & Saturday working the Marathon expo. I will be at the atalanta athletic wear both so stop by and say hi.


Jason said...

The scenary over your last few posts has been spectacular. Perfect for running.

Sandi said...


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Catra said...

Hi Sandi-
Yes you may. Thanks for stopping buy.

Judi said...

Hey thanks for the bday wishes on My Space. Me and Dominic broke up 3 weeks ago and I have been miserable. Good luck in your race this weekend Catra.

CoyoteGirl said...

Great posts!

My hubby will be managing the MetroSport booth at the expo. His name is Mike - say hi to him if you get a chance!