Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Heading to Tahoe Friday....For Tahoe Rim trail 100 miler.
Rocky and me hanging out. I will be leaving Friday for the race. Please send me positive Vibes this weekend.

There is a power at work that is not seen but nevertheless exists. When we are unable to deal with, or change, our situation this unforeseen power comes to our aid. So expect difficulties or obstacles to be transformed or even neutralised, but in all cases with a positive outcome. There is nothing to fear at this time, it is only a process, as the old gives way to the new. Without change growth cannot occur. The right ideas or actions will become apparent.
© Stephen Haynes


Jon said...

In the following order:

Have Fun!
Kick Ass!
Good Luck!

Judi said...

Sending many positive vibes. Me and Dominic broke up this time for good - it has been a bad week. Send me some positive vibes too.