Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Everything lost is found again; everything hurt is healed again.This truth has the power to retrieve a part of your spirit from the past. It's a mantra that's strong enough to overcome past injuries. This will be your constant thought today.
Taper madness. Took Rocky for a 4 mile run and I did a crossfit wod and worked on my handstand push-ups.

150 squats
150 ab-mat sit-ups
150 squats
150 ab-mat sit-ups


Jon said...

Hey Catra,

Do you follow the WODs on the CrossFit HQ site (and the CrossFit Endurance site), from your local CrossFit gym @ One World, or do you make up your own WODs and your own scheduling?

Catra said...

Hi Jon-
I sometimes make up my own or go to one world, main site or Monrovia crossfit site to see what they're doing.
If I'm tapering like I am now for a hundred I will either do a wod during my run or do it after my short run.

I haven't been to one world in 2 months. Money issues but should be going back to the box next month.
I don't mind doing my wods alone but miss going to the class.


Jon said...

Yeah, those classes look fun (or atleast until everyone passes out after doing something like Fran or Fight Gone Bad.) Do you stick to the 3 days on/1 day off formula or do the 5 days on/2 days off one?

Steve Stenzel said...

How are those hand-stand push-ups coming along. Mine are going well. I'm up to 0.


Betze said...

Hi Catra,

I just found your blog looking for running stories. I just want to tell you how appreciated your colorful love of running and life in general is a true inspiration. I write for a women's running online community. I know keeping up a blog on top of life keeps you busy, but I would love to see you visit us and even write up some posts or simply link other women back to your blog! My collection of tattoos is only at 4...but their big! HA...anyway, great style.


Best Wishes,

Catra said...

Hey Jon-
I use to do crossfit 7 days a week. I than did it 6 days. I'm now at 5 on two off.
Or some weekes I'm 3 on 1 off.
It all depends.

The best part of class is seeing someone visit pukie after Fran.

Catra said...

LOL Steve-
I'm up to 3 half way that's about it. I useually put pillow under my head. 3 to be exact and go down until my head touches then up again.
They are f'ing hard.

Jon said...

*LOL* I almost forgot about the whole pukie thing. Thankfully that has not happened to me...yet.

And keep greasing the groove with those hand stand push ups! :-D