Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm back....I was in So Cal, Seirra Madre to be exact. I was hanging out at my friend Andy's place. I took these photos on 13 mile run up on the Mount Wilson trail. I love this little gem of a trail. It's on a single track trail ,with awesome veiws. The second oldest footrace takes part on this trail. Dipsea of course being the oldest, and the Mount Wilson trail being the second. I ran all the way to Manzaneta ridge, which is mile 80 of Angeles Crest 100. It was the first time I had ever run there when I wasn't in the race. I think I prefer it in the day when I'm fresh.

Trail sign
Me getting ready to roll!
I'm heading all the way up there.
Cool shot on the heli. pad.
Mile 80 of Angeles crest. I always take a 3 min. break on that bench during the race. I'm sure a lot of you have ;)


Jonah said...

Hey, those are my mountains. Glad you had a nice visit. Looks like you got some nice blue skies.

Who is SLB+? said...

Can you share how you mount your camera, do you use and iddy biddy tripod or something else?