Friday, January 11, 2008

I know I always say I hate running on the road.
Hate is a ugly word so let me change it by saying, I don't like running on the road. Well i changed my mind on that today as I ran twice on the road today. Once from the dealership to drop off my Nitro and once to pick it up. 12 miles of road.
I love to run, so why should I care where I have to run, since I love running. I prefer trails, but the roads is where it all started for me. Going back to the begining is good so you can fall in love again with something you do. Not that I ever fell out of love with running. It's good to challenge yourself and running on the road is a challenge.
I had to avoid being hit only three times and I forget that I'm not your typical runner girl. So out on the road I sure get a lot of attention from the passing cars speeding by, giving double takes and people on the oppsite side of the road ,practiclly getting whip lash to get a second look.
It's not everyday you see a multi-colored hair, Tattooed & peirced chick, running down the road in a skirt. At least on the trail I know most the hikers and for the most part once I run over the peak I don't see anyone. Central ave Over pass.
Road runner Catra stopping to text Jerry back, Hey it was important. He was texting me about a kettlebell ;)
Road shot. This one is worth millions since it's a rear collectors photo.

Crossfit One world. Chris & me, doing two WODs today.
This one's called Diane.
Sometimes you just don't ask. What you see at crossfit stays at crossfit.
No we are not practicing some new, weird, kinky sex positions, it's just another day at the box, getting it on crossfit style.


Elizabeth said...

i might've gotten whiplash passing a runner so HOTT. thanks for all the inspiration...i absolutely love your blog. :-)

Catra said...

LOL...Thanks Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

hi Catra, who takes those pics of you while you're running on the road you site..I am so encourage- HD

JeffO said...

Oh, Catra! (head shaking) Roads are playing Russian Roulette!
Not to mention you're too beautiful to be seen by drivers. You'll cause traffic accidents! Don't you need a federal license to look that good near a motor-way?!?!
Trails are IT!
Seriously, woman, be-thee quite careful whence thy goeth.

Josh said...

when are we going to see an interview with Catra on the CrossFit website? Or at least a WOD performance! I want more Dirt Diva!

GB said...

I bet you got honked at a bunch of times. I wish I lived near trails because I'd be all over 'em! Be careful on the roads. :)

Catra said...

Hey Josh-
Later this week look a story I wrote for
She's a super cool crossfit trainer and has an awesome blog. She will have my story up later this week.
P.s I will soon start making some videos of my wods. and I will post them.

Eudemus said...

Hey Catra. I too am not fond of roads, but due to my schedule I generally have to do most of my weekday training on them. However, whenever I do like you did and run to/from some errand it does give me some specially pleasure knowing that just my feet are enough to carry me where I want to go. I miss when I worked close enough to Fremont to run to and from work.