Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Moving the last of the supply drops......
We mailed out three of our thirteen supply drops Saturday. My good friend FJ(Fast Jerry) will send our supplies out to the post offices along the trail.

Ok so here is my gear list, and no Rocky isn't part of the gear although I wish he was coming along :(
REI trkking poles peak UL 12.5 oz
Mountain Hardware Phantom 15 bag- 1lb 14oz
SteriPEN water purifier 2 oz
Therma rest prolite 3 sleeping pad short 13oz
Gregory advent pro adventure race pack XS 1lb 12oz
Western States 2 bottle water waist pack
Black diamond mega-Mid lite tent 1lb 14oz
Ground cloth Tyvek
two small stuff sacks one with emergency stuff and the other
tooth brush, sponge soap.
Notice my flip flops I made? Montrail insoles with two rubber bands to keep them on. For hanging out at camp they weigh nothing.
Sorry I didn't have time to write a better list but this will have to do for those of you who asked.
Two large stuff sacks one with 4lbs of food the other clothes.

Everything back in the pack. it's all ready to go!


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap!!! You are not human. I still wanna be you when I grow up.



Anonymous said...

Diva, thanks for showing your gear pile and list. Enjoy yourself out there. Travel smart, ease into the durn thing and get into your flow. Go live this dream.

Michelle said...

I was wondering what your pack would look like.
MAn,its finally here!! how exciting.Know I am sending you great & positive vibes.Be safe and enjoy and kick some ass out there!!

I am sure it is hard to leave your little guy behind.....that would be the toughest part

Chris said...

You don't carry stove? Good luck on your trip.

Chris said...

You don't carry a stove? Good luck on your trip, be safe and move fast.

Bob Gentile said...

GOD Bless you guys, Have a blast!! Look forward to reading your Journey:-)

Alikona said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! I am going to miss you bunches...but please feel free to contact me ANY time, any shape or form...I've been practicing my telepathic sensory skills! LOL!!! I just know you're going to make it, and I will be there in Tahoe to cheer you on. ;) BTW, I am going to try and keep up your positive energy by posting daily blog entries with quotes of hope, encouragement and reflection. You are an inspiration always.

e-rod said...

thanks for sharing your gear list. there a lot here that i can use to replace my heavier ones. stay safe on your trip.