Friday, August 18, 2006

Last night on the trail. Barker Pass trailhead.
It was cold but worth it to sleep out under the stars.
I'm heading out to camp out on Mt. Diablo for a few days to run and play. I'm having a hard time being indoors. Need to get out on the trails again.
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Anonymous said...

Nice pic....
it's really cool to sleep outside in the night by looking at stars…

ju ;)

Herc Driver said...

Glad to hear that everything went great!!! And look, You're STILL having fun!! :)

Sitting in Yellowknife, Canada flying back and forth to a Diamond mind....

Happy to see you smiling (as always)



Trail Spirit said...

Always get good vibes from your posts/pics.

Thanks for the positive energy!


Lloyd said...


Thanks for sharing the trek with us. I must admit I'm a bit envious of you playing in the mountains.

New to blogger here, but I'm glad I found you. BTW, I grew up in Fairway Park and Garin Park was my backyard. Every time I come home to visit, I at least get a run up to Gossip Rock, if not over to Mission Peak.


olga said...

Catra, crazy girl, welcome back! Glad you had a fun time, but then again, you always do:)
I won't be at AC100 - but most likely at RDL100.

Brad said...

You're back! Glad to hear that you made it all in one piece!