Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We work on ourselves in order to help others, but also we help others in order to work on ourselves.
Pema Chodron
I so believe this. Whenever you help someone you are learning and helping yourself. You can give advice on something and it will help you, knowing you are helping someone else.

We should all help each other whenever possible . Just listening or offering to do something nice even if it's a small thing.
Getting ready to head down South to run Twin Peaks 50 miler Saturday. Please send me positive vibes. I hope you all have a wonderful and happy weekend.


olga said...

So, about HR (which I am #162 on WL, ha!) and John Muir trail. We're thinking backpacking it (not for any records, just for pleasure). How long would it take a normal ultrarunner to go 211 miles over that terrain at the end of June with pretty full packs, but ya know, trained to run when need to? :) Shoot me an email, we are trying to make a decision on full distance or a part depending on time allowed!

maria_nice twin said...

Hey girl!
I haven't seen you in a while. Miss you.
I told my college class about you. Your inspiration to do ultra running. They were very impressed!
Keep going girl!

Annika A said...

Catra, I just wanted to tell you what a huge inspiration you are to people as far away as Sweden. I have read this blog since even before I ran my first 50 k. You continue to inspire me. Continue teaching and learning. Thank you!

Dax said...

Great pictures, and I love the quote. Good luck at Twin Peaks.


Jen and Angela said...

SO true. My life this week has been about two funerals and several visits to a friend in the hospital. Being there for those in need is what life's all about. Jen

christine said...

Happy Valentines Day Catra, your still my favorite trail sweetie!

xo christine

Neil Scott said...

Hi Catra,
I've noticed in all your running photos you have a great running style. Is that the Pose method (Dr Romanov) or just your natural running style.
I am trying to change my running at the moment after 30 years of doing it 'wrong'. It's a learning experience and I'm really enjoying my running again especially after throwing out my running shoes.



Catra said...

Neil great eye it is POSE. It took a long time to change my running but I feel better running this way.
Don't change your running style over night or you will get injured. I learned POSE in Feb.08 and have been practicing ever since ;-)

Neil Scott said...

Thanks Catra,
I've been practicing for about 3 months now after a previous 3 months barefoot on the beach.
I'm prepared for it to take a year or so to learn, hey maybe I can even start doing long distance again. I last ran a marathon at 21 year old, more than half a lifetime ago. Off to New Zealand next month, would like to meet ultrarunner Lisa Tamati, just read her book.