Tuesday, November 17, 2009

THE BIG PICTURE...................
I don’t need to completely understand the big picture to know that my role is important. I don’t have to know the destination to know I’m headed in the right direction. Though I may not know where I am going, I’m not lost, I am exploring
. Jana Stanfield
Yesterday was a perfect day did one of my favorite WODS. I call it Catra's Chaos
I added two extra running miles. here's the WOD.
Run 1 mile 50 squats, run 1 mile 40 lunges, run 1 mile 30 push-ups, run 1 mile 20 burpees, run 1 mile 10 handstand push-ups.
You can add any combo of exercises with it. It's fun when you want to run and want to crossfit but are short on time.

The weather was perfect but there is rain for Friday.
I was planning on running in Yosemite, but the snow level will be at 4,000ft so won't be able to run up Clouds rest. Instead we will explore Saturday at Henry Coe state park. Me and my friends have never run there, so we will go check it out. It should be fun.

Exploring a new area is always fun.
Enjoy our beautiful weather while you can. Get outside and do something fun!!!

WOD 11/17/09

From CrossFit Football

5 rounds for time of:

7 push presses(m135#/w95#)
14 push ups
21 double unders


jb said...

Catra, that's a great WOD! I will definitely do it on the next day I am short on time.
I wish you could be here for the Kansas City Trail Nerds first crossfit triangle loop. We have a 3/4 mile "triangle" of super hilly rooty rocky trail, and a friend and I are going to turn it into a crossfit workout. Thanks for the inspiration!
Hope to see you in CA for the Miwok 100k...I volunteered last year and hope to get in this year!

Sunshine Girl said...

I really looooved todays quote!
Thanks, Catra!