Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The mountains are calling and I must go.
-John muir-
This time of year my mind and the heart wander back to 2007. That is when I set out to hike the Pacific crest trail from Mexico to Canada 2,600 miles long.
I made it 2,000 miles had to quit because of giardia and I hurt my knee.
The end of April is when the main heard start.
I will keep all these amazing people in my thoughts and prayers while they take on this epic journey. Not all will make it to Canada and everyone will have to skip some areas this year because of closures.
I will be out there spreading some trail magic out in Tuolumne and Sonora pass.
So PCTers when you see the girl with fusia hair, tattoos and piercings it will be a good sign. I will have fresh fruit and cold drinks waiting for you at the trail head.
Good luck to the class of 2010.

Somewhere near Idyllwild ;-) alone and having fun!!
Ok my friends it's my big weekend, I'm running Miwok 100k so please send me positive vibes and energy Saturday as I run this race.
Thanks to all of you for following my wacky blog. I love you all ;-)


Kathrin said...

Hello! ;-) I have been following your adventures for the last couple of months and I am amazed by you and all the running you do! Good luck and have fun over the weekend!

Ewa said...

This must be an amazing journey.
I am hoping to do just the JMT next year and will call that a big accomplishment. To do PCT... wow, what an adventure!

RP said...

Good Luck to you Cat!

Dave-O said...

My friend and AR race partner Dave B. got a head start, setting out on April 18th. Last check he was in the San Jacinto's.
One part of me is very envious; the other part is thinking "better him than me" :)
Hopefully I can meet up w/ him during part of it.

Gax-Staffan said...

Dirty Diva:

Good luck on the race

best wisches

Gax-Staffan from Sweden

Alex said...

Hey Catra, I've been lurking around your blog for some time now... I found you after doing a search for the PCT back in 2007 and followed your PCT blog for your 2000 mile epic. Not even a bum knee and giardia can stop you!You kick ass girl! I've been trying to arrange a PCT thru-hike for some time now but something alwatys seems to get in the way... irritating stuff like money and jobs and family (well, maybe not family). I hope to start my PCT journey in 2011 if all goes well. I live in Vancouver, Canada, so I'll basically be taking a plane to Campo and walking home. You mentioned you were thinking about taking another run at doing a PCT thru-hike... maybe next year?????

Anonymous said...

Good luck!! Have fun!

Ultra Okie said...

Good vibes to you Catra from Oklahoma. Hope to see you for the Mother Road 100 Part III in November.

Guitoune said...

I just saw the results, congratulations for your great race.
I hope you're happy doing.
Good recovery.