Monday, April 12, 2010

IT'S YOUR TIME TO SHINE....................

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom..Anis Nin

Go Andy Go!!!! Andy PR'd his 50 mile time at American river 50 miler this weekend. He ran 8:30. He had no expectations since he PR'd his 100 mile time at Umstead 2 weeks ago.

He ran a relaxed race and finished strong.

It was Rocky and my job to keep him going which we did we had him in and out of each aidstation.

Rocky was going to pace him a few miles but Thursday night he jumped off the bed in the hotel and hurt his back. It's not the first time. I really have to curb his jumping as he gets older. I also need to help him lose a few pounds so he won't get injured.

I gave him arnica and he is fine now ,he was in pain on Saturday a little but seems fine now.

It was fun watching all my friends out there. I really do prefer to be on the other end. It does get hard just watching. But for Andy it was worth it to help him and get him to get a PR.

I swear the guy is a machine doesn't train a lot but runs solid times when he's not slowing down to run races with me.

He says he would rather run with me and have fun. He is so much faster then me. And it's very sweet that he loves me so much and would rather run a race every step of the way with me. ;-)

Next week we will be running Leona divide 50 miler together. I'm happy he raced AR so he will be a little bit slower so I can keep up.


Summer Wesson said...

I'm sure Andy appreciated what you did very much. It's so nice to have someone to run to, waiting at each aid station. Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend! Should be perfect running weather. :)

Catra said...

It's so true Summer...He will be doing the same for me at Miwok 100k in a few weeks ;-) I'm looking forward to some nice warm running weather for once ;-)
I'm glad Andy ran AR so he will be slower at LD and maybe I can keep up with him then ;-)
Looking forward to see you.

streak said...

Andy Rocks, you both rock! I agree with Andy on having more fun running with someone you love better than running a PR.

olga said...

Andy has been a real machine lately. I think all the calm benefits him - and you:) It's great to see you shine together, and I'll see you this weekend!

crunningman said...

You guys are blessed to be so close to so many great races. Wow! Umstead 100M, 2wks later AR50M and LD50M this coming weekend. Go for it. Have fun out there.