Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HAPPY EARTH DAY..........................
I ran 2 hours this morning while waiting for my car getting serviced in Dublin. I ran along the road and picked up trash. I filled 2 bags.
I then went home to take Rocky out and we carried a bag and filled that.
I hope everyone takes a bag on a run or hike today and just do something small like pick up trash. It makes a huge difference.
Everyone who knows me knows when I run I always try and pick up 3 pieces of trash on the trail when I run. It's not huge but it makes a difference.

These were photos taken the past 2 days while running in the rain. 3.5 hour run on Mission Peak and 3.5 hour run on Alameda Creek/ Quarry lakes.

Today was just a 2 hour run and then 45 min. with Rocky.
Tomorrows Plan is 30-40 miles on Diablo. Wanna check out the wildflowers with out all the people.

Saturdays training will be 30 miles along the Ohlone wilderness and Sunday a short run 20 miles to Sunol and back. My last long training runs to get ready for Miwok 100k next week. Shooting for a PR. We'll see what happens. Enjoy the rest of your week.


Average A said...

You are fantastic! Also picked up three bags of trash on my trail run today -- amazing how it gets so polluted so fast. :( Thanks for always chipping in!

PunkRockRunner said...

You're putting in some serious miles these days. I was feeling all bad a$$ for running Boston & Big Sur this week and then I read you post.....

I would love to join you on one of the 2-3 hours runs if you have room for a 10-minute miler.

All the best,


Soul said...

Hey... I just learned about you and your blog from a friend on facebook. My name is Dave and I'd love love love to interview you and share your life with my readership / fans / listeners via my weekly interviews every Monday. If you're interested, facebook me "David Askaripour" and/or email me at david(at)mindpetals(dot)com -- check me out / my work -- and let me know. Blessings,

Brenda said...

Best of luck at Miwok! Sounds like you're train and a PR is on the way. :)