Monday, September 07, 2009

Your Unique Talent

Use your talent (everybody has one) in anyway you can. Don't keep it for yourself like a miser - spend it like a millionaire! Lucy MacDonald

So I am getting ready for Wasatch 100, well kinda. I bought my food and have my outfit picked out. Of course looking cute is most important because at mile 75 when I feel dirty and stink, I will know that I have a cute outfit on so when I feel like shit I will look cute and it will make me feel a little better for a moment ;-)
Wasatch is always a spiritual journey for me there is just something about those mountains. It's been two years since I raced it. I paced Julia last year so I got to be out there. I am going for finish number 6.
I would love it if you all could send me positive thoughts. I hope to finish in under 34 hours. My dream would to run 32 hours there.
It's a tough race with remote aid station and at night it will be cold.
I will have a pacer the last 25 my friend Sallie. We will have fun.
Ran 5 miles yesterday and of course managed to do some squats with this branch. Did 100.
I am just doing tabata workout until Wed. then rest no more crossfit until after the race. I want to go into the race rested.
Persevere and direct your energy towards your goals. If you do this and truly believe in what you’re trying to achieve you will be given the power to succeed. Sometimes obstacles should be seen as a test - pass the test and overcome the obstacles and success will be in your grasp. If you are feeling challenged right now examine whether it is due to misunderstandings or perhaps a mistrust. Opportunities will arise to resolve your situations.
© Stephen Haynes


Chris and Amy said...

Hi! I'm definitely sending good thoughts your way for the 100. This might sound silly, but how do you run hills/mountains. I'm from Florida and have always lived at sea level. I'm currently on an island in the Pacific and there are some hills, but nothing like what you do. When we move back to the states I'd love to start running more trails and possibly ultras, but the idea of mountains scares me. Thanks for any pointers. Amy

Visionbuilder said...

Hi Catra, nice to see you back blogging on a fairly regular basis. Things got sparce there for a bit!! You need to cut back on these races so we can get our Catra fix!! Carry on!!

Catra said...

hey visionbuilder I was having issues with my oh so slow internet. I need a new computer too ;-)

I'm back in action it's hard when your taveling. I just need to learn how to blog from my iphone and I will be fine.

Hey Amy what scares you the wilderness and being out on the trails like animals ??? I use to be afraid but I had to get over it if I wanted to see the world one trail at a time. I didn't know any runners so would just explore on my own. You just have to be smart and know how to be safe when your alone ;-)

Coulterpilot said...

Best of luck Catra! I know you will do great! Breathe in, breathe out......all your fans will be with you spiritually during this race. I look forward to hearing of your success at WASATCH!