Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ultrarunner tells Register she was prepared to die

Woman lost for days in forest was severely dehydrated when found.

The Orange County Register

CLEVELAND NATIONAL FOREST – After three days in the rugged Cleveland National Forest, veteran ultrarunner Maria “Gina” Natera-Armenta said she was prepared to die after becoming separated from her running partner and becoming stuck in a steep, rocky area with no way out – and no food or water in temperatures that soared past 100.


PunkRockRunner said...

So happy she was found and that she'll be running the trail again. I must say that I am blown away by all of the negative comments regarding this story.

Have any of those "haters" done the math on how much we, as a Country, pay to deal with the indirect costs associated with Alcohol, tobacco and obesity? I doubt it.

All the best,


Marsha said...

I just read about this woman. How astonishing - and I'm so glad she's all right.

Susi said...

there is nothing better than a happy ending!! i'm so glad they were found alive. phew!

mrjwhit~ said...

That is amazing. Thank God she was found and this story had a better ending. I was worried for sure.

trailturtle said...

First, Catra, it is wonderful what you are doing with your life and sharing inspiration in your blog. I hope to meet you one day at a PCTR event, WF, or wherever it is meant to be.
Second, PunkRockRunner is right on with his comment about the unbelieveably large indirect cost to our society of the unhealthy lifestyles of many of the people who fire off such negative comments about ultrarunners, cyclists, climbers, etc.
Best wishes, Ann