Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Negative Thinking is Like an Ink Stain

Negative thinking is like ink stain. If you treat it right away you can get it out. If you let it settle in, you can still get it out but it will be much harder. Deal with your negative thinking right away. Stop those negative thoughts from leaving a stain. Lucy MacDonald

Today I ran a mellow 5 miles the legs feel good. I spotted 10 wild turkeys crossing the road where I live. I am so lucky to live so close to the wilderness.
Looks like me and Rocky will be going on a road trip Thursday night to SoCal. He will be going to the Mount Whitney area for the first time. I swear he is so lucky :-) he has visited many cool places. We will camp out and do some running while Andy and some others run New Army pass and up to Mt. Whitney.
I'd like to do it but I'd rather hang out with Rocky and wait for them. Also me and FJ will be doing Whitney and White Mountain on the weekend of the 25th.


Shannon said...

Nice job on all your recent accomplishments. :)

Lumac said...

Hey Catra - thanks for linking the positive attitude quote back to our site. Appreciate it!
Lucy MacDonald

Anonymous said...

congratulations on wasach 100! and have fun on your next adventure with rocky. :)