Thursday, September 03, 2009

You Were Born With A Calling

Each person is born with a calling. It is your task to discover what that calling is and find a way to make that calling a reality. Lucy MacDonald

This past weekend I went to Washington and a short trip to Canada. Andy ran CCC 100 he did awesome he had a painful shin about halfway and it continued to the finish. His goal was 25-27 well we got him in in just under 27 ;-) he really sucked it up at the end.

Jessica, Toby and me also crewed Andy. Jessica did all the driving thanks girl it was fun hanging with you.
I ran the course in 02 and now realize why I never went back. Those climbs are climbs from hell. The first part of the race is easy compared to the second half.
The climbs are straight up no switch backs. They suck!!! I forgot all about the course until I was out pacing the last 44.
I will say I would like to run it just to see if I do better then the first time ;-)
I really enjoyed helping Andy it was the first time I paced him since we mostly run together. It was fun.
The views on the course are spectacular especially of Mt. Rainer.

We went to Canada Monday spent time in Vancouver we had a blast.

I have been busy since I got home yesterday. Tomorrow we are training up at Sonora Pass area we will run up to Leavitt Peak 11,569. Julia, Jerry and I. This is Julia and my last training weekend before Wasatch 100 which is next Friday.


olga said...

Andy did an awesome time! Congrats to all of you.

Zen-Abelle said...

Hé! Hé! Hello from Canada, Québec.

I've been reading you blog for a long time you are very positive!

Anonymous said...

Hi Catra,

Best of luck to you and Julia at Wasatch 100 next weekend. I really like your blog!

-Green Frog :-)