Sunday, September 20, 2009

Slow Down

Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going to fast-you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.Eddie Cantor

EPIC what more can I say. It was a tough day. Jerry bonked big time..I think his electrolytes and blood sugar were off. I got a bladder infection and felt Like I was going to pass out with 3 miles to go.
Just one of those days.
Chris newbie trail runner came out for a 20 miler , awesome job. Chris I see you running ultras very soon :-) Linda joined us up the peak. Joe Pham came out and Mylinh his wife met us later.
We were out for 11 hours and it was hot..But today will be hotter.

Since Jerry would be fast I told him to run ahead of me and Joe and we would turn around and head down to little Yosemite at a certain time so we could jump in the creek.
We waited a long time for Jerry I was getting worried. I ran out of water waiting but since we were hanging out I was fine. We were only like 2 miles from the water in Sunol.
Joe and I took a little rest waiting after hanging out at the water. Finally Jerry came down the trail with Mylinh who we met up with along the way. Jerry headed to cool off in the water. We took off to Sunol to regroup. I went straight to the rangers house for cold ice water. John was there and said have as much as you want. I love the Sunol rangers these guys are awesome.
Jerry finally showed up and we took off. He started having problems heading out and I stayed with him because that's what a friend is suppose to do. He told me to leave several times but no way would I leave someone in his condition. He had to lay down several times which was fine. he also had bad cramps but was doing salt the whole time.
I had a bladder infection going on which was bad but focusing on him made it seem better.
We inched our way towards Mission peak. Once we finally were able to see it , we were happy. Around this time I got woozy and dizzy. Felt like I was ready to pass out. That lasted 10 min. Joe and Mylinh had come back to us wondering where we were so we all kinda headed down together we basically shuffled down., and made it home 11 hours later.
We are fine today. Remember to never leave anyone alone in a bad condition, and keep talking to them to make sure they are ok. One thing that worried me was Jerry didn't pee for 4+ hours. I have never seen him like this and hopefully I will never see him this bad again. Always remember to take care of each other on the trails.

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Eudemus said...

Congrats on an epic run (only one week after Wasatch)! I hope you all recover well and that Jerry is OK. Its good to see "The Judge" down here in our 'hood.

I'll be doing my first run since Plain 100 today. That race took more out of me than most. Your message is right on queue as I was thinking back to the many hours I spent last Sunday morning making sure my friend Harry made it down from the more remote areas of the course before I let him convince me to go on and finish. In the end, he recovered and finished as well.