Saturday, March 22, 2008

Embrace the changes in your life. Release what you no longer need, and welcome the seeds of new experience.
Julia and I ran a 40 mile run yesterday we had a blast. I left her at mile 10 and wanted to be to the top of rose in under 6 hours. I was working on my pose the whole time. I reached the summit mile 20 in 5:45, Julia made her way up in 6:10. I waited for so we could head back together.
My legs were sore from crossfit the day before we did overhead squats so by mile 25 I was feeling it. I have also been fighting a cold so I was feeling 100%.
There were a couple groups of backpacers heading up as we were coming down.
I talked to Andy he was getting ready for Coyote 2 moons 100. His start time was 6pm last night. He was nervous about having to stay awake two nights. I think I calmed his fears when talking to him.
Lets send him positive energy today to do well also send positive thoughts to all the runners for a safe journey.

I bought bunny ears for me and Julia, we always have fun together and don't care what people think when we do wacky stuff on the trail. We got a lot of smiles and laughs coming down the peak yesterday.
I'm heading to crossfit level 1 cert now should be fun.
Oh btw I loved the shoes they were awesome. I don't think I'm ready to run 100 miles in them but will run 50 milers in them.


mrsmommyb said...

LOVE the ears. good luck at the cert! Happy Easter. =]

Sakura & Baby Kaela

Judi said...

Catra, what is POSE? A form of running? You and Julia looked great, but most of all you look HAPPY. I am sending Andy positive thoughts, and all the other runners too. YOU ROCK CATRA!!! Thanks for inspiring me. :) Judi
P.S. You will do great on your cert today.

Rob said...

I certainly think you'd make a great replacement for the Energizer Bunny! :) Happy Easter.

Brad said...

What was the verdict on the new shoes after your 40-mile run?

Pinkcorker said...

It's about time that some pink trail running shoes came out. My favorite color!

CoyoteGirl said...

Yay! You and Julia look great out there on the trail in those bunny ears!

I can't wait to hear how Andy did and how your cert went.