Monday, July 17, 2006

Mount Diablo in the background. I'm so hot!!
I mean, hot as in over heated and sweaty.... Posted by Picasa


Herc Driver said...

Ah come on Catra you know You're hot!! :) Back home with some horrible jet lag!!! I'll get some pics of the kid off to you in a day or so.... And I think that I rember telling you to take it easy!!! Crazy Girl!! Ha ha!!



Catra said...


You're to funny!
I know I should of listen to you. Well I did take it easy I only ran 50 miles..LOL..

JenRunner said...

I don't mean to be the voice of reason or anything but until your bladder infection is completely healed, running for hours in extreme heat seems like it could cause some serious long term health issues to an organ we need! I am sure you are on top of things with your doctor, but it also seems like the infection has been around for a while and am wondering if that is because you aren't just taking some downtime to let it heal itself...

Brad said...

It did get hot!! That's why I live in Oakland, it only got up to 83! :)

How many miles do you plan to cover each day while fastpacking?

"Take it easy" is very open for interpretation! :)

Running Man said...

Yes, you're hot, stop the nonsense. Am covering the Tour de France, running in the High Alps, it is not hot. Hope you're having fun.

olga said...

catra, sorry your bladder infection holds on so tight onto you. I was looking for your name at Tahoe results...but smart choice you did, strong have to be to make it. Be proud, you ARE crazy:)

Catra said...

Hi Brad-
I will run/hike around 30-40 miles a day while I'm out there.

Catra said...


How fun your covering the tour de france. I'm sure there's a lot of hotties there..LOL

Catra said...

Hi Olga-
I'm fine I know I need to rest. That's why I only ran 50 miles.