Friday, July 07, 2006

Great day for a run! Wait everyday is a great day for a run!
I love to run.....
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Anonymous said...

yes i agree!!!!!!!!

~gnatty~ said...

same here!

just wanted to ask... I have a "blogs I read" section on my blog, and yours is one of them... then it occurred to me I should have asked for persmission BEFORE linking to your blog? (I'm new to this and have no bloq etiquette).
let me know!

~Nattie (gnatty is just a play on words...LOL) :-)

Catra said...

Hi Nattie-

Of course you can. I need to figure out to do that, so I can link people's blogs.

I'm suprised I could even make a blog...

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yes, every day is a good day for a run!!!

(well, except today, as I recover from surgery)

but I can't *wait* to get back out on the trails!!!