Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!
This is me on the top of Mission Peak during my night run.
I'm thinking I might start my trifecta on July 25th now. This way I can head out to Badwater and help my friend Linda. I could summit Whitney with her and head out on my 599 mile journey. It also gives the snow an extra 10 days to melt. Less snow would be nice.

Catra Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I want to come to run to this place it's very splendid!!!!!

Catra said...

Thanks Julien soon you will be running here :)

~gnatty~ said...

Catra, I LOOOOOOVE reading your blog.
I admire your strength and drive. We exchanged some emails in the past about veganism/raw and also talked about acai energy, but I'm sure you wouldn't remember! :-)
Anyway, I come here to maybe suggest you would enable site feeds on your dashboard, settings/site feed/publish site feed = yes...?
This feature makes it easy for people (like me) who read various blogs and like to have them all fed onto their personalized google homepage. Just a thought. Either way, I'm a loyal reader!
Have a wonderful day!
(I'll email sometime soon with a pressing question I have for you)

OneTallMamma said...


I love your stories! I'm so close to where you are. I'm just starting out trail running again (after having 2 kids).

I'm doing Alum Rock Park but I would love to hear your input about other local places (I've never been to Mission Peak).

Email me at onetallmamma@yahoo.com and share your local spots with me!


Eudemus said...

Catra, that is an awesome picture! Makes me want to try some night running. I've been up there on mt. bike at night, but never on foot. By the way, I think that light in the lower left corner might be me :-).


Anonymous said...

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