Monday, July 17, 2006

My horoscope for today; Your tenacity and talent are what can turn this situation around, and don't you forget it. The stars give you a little extra faith in yourself just when you need it. With this kind of attitude you can move mountains.

So I ran only 50 miles of the Tahoe 100. Why? well going into it I knew my infection wasn't 100% gone. So I made a promise at the start if the bladder infection kicked in I would do at least 50 miles. Well it kicked in 15 miles into it. I took this medication for bladder pain my Doctor gave me. It's called phenazopyridine. it's suppose to stop the pain. It worked at home when I took it. I was hoping it would work in a hundred mile race. It didn't. I though if it kicked in by the time I got back to the 50 mile mark I would keep going. I walked almost 30 miles on the way back. I saw my tattooed sister Sara sitting at Snow Peak. I got her butt out of there. I really wanted to see her finish her first hundred. Which she did.
We mostly walked from there. I couldn't run at all because of the pain. we made it to the start finish in 14:40. The cutoff was 17:30. I once again made a smart choice to stop. I want to be healthy for my 601 mile journey on July 27th.

So along the way I picked out great campsites, in cool locations, when I'm out there to fast pack the whole thing. Out there, I thought often thought of one of my Angels, Suzanne Krantz. It was me, Suzanne & Linda McFadden who were the first woman to run the entire trail in 2001. I believe we still hold the record in 72 hours.
She passed away in 2002 from skin cancer. She always had a smile on her face no matter how tough it got. So if you saw me smiling when I dropped that's why.

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Anonymous said...

good choice!!!!
i 'm proud of you...
ju :)

angie's pink fuzzy said...

smart girl

have fun on the 601 miles in just a little while!

miki said...

Hope your body heals as much as it can before your uber run.
I met your twin, Sara, at Mt. Diablo about 2 months ago. I definitely thought of you when I saw her. You guys match! I have to say...tattooed , ultra running chicks...very hot. :D

beckyjsacto said...

Very smart of you to stop! Has your doc done a culture and sensitivity test? I had recurrent infections until they cultured the bacteria, then figured out which specific bug I had in my system, the prescribed a very specific drug to combat it. Until then, I'd be on meds that would take the symptoms away while I was on the drugs, but I'd be down for the count as soon as I was off the meds again. Feel better soon -- I love reading your blog & the wisdom card postings!


Catra said...

Hey Becky-

When I get back from the Sierras I'm getting a Catscan and I will ask them to do a culture thanks for the beta.
I hope to see you on the trails soon.

~gnatty~ said...

i'm proud of you for making the "loving-towards-self" choice. (sometimes these are the hardest!) i can't wait for the 27th! i'll be thinking of you.

Catra said...

hey nattie thanks for th kind words.

Catra said...

hey nattie thanks for th kind words.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

Anonymous said...

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