Friday, July 07, 2006

I love Trent!!! Ok, so I also said I love Davey of AFI. But Trent is my first love...I love NIN. It's been 10 years since I last saw this band. I will be seeing them tomorrow, going with my niece and her friends.
I'm also excited to see the kings of Goth music, Bau
Should be fun.
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~gnatty~ said...

Enjoy! I saw both Bauhaus and Peter Murphy solo, I think last year? My tickets stubs are in my cubicle at work, so I don't remember exactly when it was. I go to a lot of concerts. Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees (who I saw maybe two years ago at the HOB) are the oddities in my musical "portfolio". I'm more of a late 60s, 70's English rock (mainly David Bowi, The Who...) some progressive (OLD Genesis, ELP) and Pink Floyd. Music rocks! (No pun intended). Do you ever use music on your runs?

Catra said...

Hi Gnatty-

I started running with a MP3 player in 2005. I use it all the time in race's usually just the first half of a hundred. To be honest most of the time I'm talking with other runners so don't use it all the time.

I carry it with me when I train. I some times use it and sometimes I like to just hear the sounds in Nature and let my mind wander.

Siouxsie is awesome. This will be my second concert in 10 years. I plan on going to more. Most of my friends are not really into my music.
I'm excited AFI is coming back around. I will take my friends 11 year old son to see them. He loves them.


miki said...

I'll look for ya. :) I myself probably won't be looking so gothy anymore like I might have in the old days. Which might make me stand out! Look for someone super short.

Catra said...

Hi Miki-

I will be somewhere on the lawn.
I will look for you!!!

I will be with my niece. I will be in all black..I don't think I will be standing out..LOL....