Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The strongest oak tree of the forest is not the one that is protected from the storm and hidden from the sun. It's the one that stands in the open where it is compelled to struggle for its existence against the winds and rains and the scorching sun.
HURT 100 2011 It was just not our year. We went into it as a team. Andy and I would run the race together.
It was a very humid this year John the RD said it was 93%, it felt more humid than years past. I felt great going into it.
We were doing awesome the first 2 loops off by a little but still ok. Andy twisted his ankle on the third loop so we walked a bit.
As we headed down to Paradise the trail became very slippery, with 150 feet passing over this section 6 times now it was hard to keep your balance in a few places. I hurt my shoulder/arm somewhere in here. It has bothered me in the past in races, I usually have to take my pack off because of the pain. But really couldn't do that. I needed my water. I didn't want to take any advil yet. I was saving two for later in the race if I needed them.
I am trying not to take them at all after my liver enzyme test came back high a while back. I was taking a lot last year. Now I am not taking them at all unless something serious happens in a race.
I could not believe how great the course was the first two loops now this third one was so slippery and wet. It was dark so we were moving slow trying to stay upright.
I think we both were struggling with some demons.
I was kinda thinking in my head we shouldn't of ran the 24 hour race 2 weeks before HURT that kinda stuff.
We made it to Paradise and were in and out. Andy bought me a little speaker so we attached to the ipod and were having our own little party on the trail.
We made a promise to stay together so when Andy first twisted his ankle he mentioned I could leave but I said no.
I was kinda slowing down I think and I know Andy was doing his math in his head about finishing with time to spare. He mentioned to me he felt bad because he thought of leaving me on the trail which I would of been ok with. But we did make a promise to run this together. As we climbed along and enjoyed views of the city we thought to ourselves maybe we should call it a day and enjoy each other alone in Hawaii and not killing ourselves just to finish the 100k since that seemed like what we would do. We both had no desire to want to to that 7 mile section to get 100k credit since we both weren't feeling great. Plus we would not finish until 7am and loose a whole day being trashed. We thought we could make it to mile 60 and drop but it's still a DNF 54 or 60.
We got to the aid station and we had discussed our joint decision to bail there. We made sure that there were no regrets because we both were fine with hiking to 60 or stopping here.
So we stopped. We both believe things happen for a reason and there was a power stronger than us that decided how our race would go.
Sometimes we don't see it right away.
One thing that occurred to me out there is, I never spend Andy's b-day with him I am usually putting on the Fremont Fat ass 50k. Which Andy always has been fine with. But on the trail I realized it doesn't have to be like that and I just won't run the 50k this year. It is more important to spend special days with those we love. I felt awful knowing the past 3 years Andy has been alone on his b-day.
Had we not dropped none of this would of ever came up.
So see maybe this is the reason ;-)

So I will be spending and celebrating Andy's b-day the whole weekend with him
And the Fremont Fat ass 50k will still go on just a week later.

HURT 100 we will be back. Oh and after we dropped we had a good sleep and snuggle. We ate lunch at my favorite Thai place on the North Shore and helped volunteer at the finish line Sunday to clean up. And we also got to watch the excitement of the last runners coming through. Congrats. to all who started even if we all didn't make it to where we wanted we did our best.


slowrunner said...

incredible catra !

Anonymous said...

Really great to hear your safe and well. I was worried about you.

Best wishes


You stuck to your promise of staying together, that I feel was your greatest test!
The distance you covered is truly amazing 2 me, your day will come I'm sure of that when you have that special race :]
Just like that tree standing defiant on the lonely hill, wind swept and battered but still growing stronger day by day, week by week, your day will come, the clouds will part, the sun will shine and the uppermost achievement will be yours !

Johann said...

Still a great achievement, well done both of you!

olga said...

I think our most important revelations come when we are making decisions that from afar seem to others to be so weird. Kudos to you for moving Freemont race.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the race as it was meant to be. There are some races I do with my hubby and we agree to do it together regardless. Not everyone gets those opportunities. Look forward to hearing the next challenge.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dirt Diva,
Been a huge fan for a couple of years!! Even ran an event you ran (Javalina Jundred '10). The reason to mention it is, i DNF'd by taking the 60K option and i think i'm still getting over it. so, thank you for your continual thoughts on running/life and inspiration. Seriously, if a ultra-running rockstar like you can have a DNF, it helps us mere ultra-mortals "deal with it." Thanks again for your blog and thoughts. Mongo in New Hamsphire

Jamie said...

You did a FANTASTIC job! I'm impressed! I would one day like to run the HURT 100. One the distant future... :)
You have inspired me to do it!