Monday, January 10, 2011

Anything in this world is possible and you have the capacity to acquire all that you set your sights on. Believe in yourself, you possess the inner drive to accomplish all of your desires. If you commit yourself entirely to the things you want and maintain the strength to follow through, you will succeed in reaching your goals.

Had an awesome weekend running with friends. Mike, Linda, Jerry and I did a run out towards Sunol from Mission peak and back out to Ohlone College. We ran the YSC trail out over there then went to Mission coffee ;-) and ran the road home.

I feel I am ready to take on HURT 100 for the 11th time. I feel really ready after 135 mile b-day run and an 80 mile training day at New years Eve 1 day.
Kept the miles low last week ran 50 miles and now will just run a few miles with Rocky each day until I leave for HURT 100.
Looking forward to seeing all my friends in Hawaii this weekend.
Ok now off to see my Fascial stretch therapist Dr. Hunt.


Kat said...

I love the motto on your site. I may have to steal/borrow that for some journaling.

I'm so impressed with you. I can't get over that a training run for you is 50 miles. That's so incredible. Good luck on the 100.

Catra said...

Thanks Kat you can take it ;-)

chr15 said...

"Fascial stretch therapist"

At first look I read this as 'facial' stretch therapist, and wondered if that was someone who makes you smile alot?

We should all try a little facial stretch therapy :)

Cheryl said...

Catra, good luck in the Hurt 100! I will be checking the webcast and rooting for you. Love your blog. :)

Have you ever blogged about what your training schedule is like, for runs and CF? I do CF 5 or 6 days a week, and am training up for my first ultra in June, 50 miles. I'm trying to learn all I can to get and stay in shape, to be able to run ultras while still doing CF. You seem always ready to run ultras, so I was wondering how much running you do vs crossfit wods?

Right now I'm doing the CF wods plus 1 long run, but building 2 other run days so I can do some B2B long runs and maybe a mid-distance day focused on hill training. I'm not sure if that's enough running?

Catra said...

Hi Cheryl-
I was doing crossfit 5-6 days a week from end of 06-09. I relized I was trashed all the time since I also run 6 days a week and running is my sport has been since 96. I have always worked out and challenged myself. I backed off and went down to 3 days a week which worked much better no more injuries since I was hurting myself at crossfit a lot. Heavy weights. Last year in Feb. I started working out at home doing the wods which was better for me since crossfit didn't have a good schedule for me.
I got the Insanity and P90X dvds a couple months ago and have been loving those workouts. I am doing the Insanity workouts 6 days a week and I am not as trashed as crossfit. I always lay off a week before an ultra so I go in rested.
I am doing 2 months Insanity and will do 3 months p90x which is with weights more like crossfit. When I travel I always do crossfit wods because you can do it anywhere.
Good luck training.

Cheryl said...

Catra, thanks for the detailed reply. That will help me figure out what to do for the events I've got planned this year.

Thanks for the review on the Hoka shoes. I've seen others raving about them, too. Happy feet and no blisters sounds really good. Do you think they'd work for road running as well, or would you say they're strictly a trail shoe?