Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.
Sir Edmund Hillary

It's that time again I am off to Hawaii to run HURT 100 #11 I can't believe I have been running that race all these years.
I love the course and I most of all love my friends, that I get to see each year.

Please send me positive vibes and follow my journey this weekend.

The course will be very muddy I'm sure this year, but no matter how dirty I get, I will be looking cute. I am bringing all the outfits above. Most likely will be wearing the one on the left top for the race.

This is the link to follow my race ;-)


Big Al's Health and Fitness said...

Good luck, hope you have a ball!

Big Al's Health and Fitness said...

Good luck, hope you have a ball.

Anonymous said...

Those outfits are awesome! Can I ask where to find?

dirty girl said...

I'm in love with these pieces. But ditto to trimomremade's Q, where do you buy Moeben dresses? Zombie Runner only has her skirts and sleeves.

That said, I always remember what a fshionista told me when I was young "If I tell you where I bought these, then everyone will have one and I won't be unique anymore."

Enjoy Hawaii! Have fun! I love mud!

trailturtle said...

Hi Catra,
Good luck with your race...and the rest of the year, too :).
So glad to have finally met you at Diablo last year. Thought it was really cool that you, Andy, and Rocky all camped out the night before and then spent the whole day volunteering at the aid station, keeping our "suffering" to a minimum. Thank you.
BTW, after reading all of your inspiring posts/adventures, I finally started my own blog on New Year's Day--hope to cross paths with you again and have your pic in it someday :)). Thanks again for the inspiration, Ann

Jennifer K. said...

I found your blog by following some other CrossFit blogs...I love that to you, the outfit is an important part of the race. We all know it's true! Good luck!

Bruther said...

animal print would be better

Catra said...

email to see where you can get them.
I don't mind if others love the same clothes I wear or show up at a race in it. ;-)
I will always have the samples first before they come out ;-) so I'm ok with it ;-)

dirty girl said...

Thanks for that Catra!