Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I had a physical a couple weeks ago the blood work came back with a few things off. Everything was perfect except; my white blood cell count was a little low, also one of the liver test was a little high. My doctor isn't to worried about the liver test because she has seen it higher in some of her athletes mine was just a couple points up. She decided to send me to the lab to retest. She said if the white cell count goes lower she will send me to a blood specialest.
We think it might of been a little wacked because I had run a hundred miler a week before. I'm hoping it is fine with this test.
In the mean time I am taking a mushroom complex to boost my immune system and taking Liver force.
I remember several years ago my white blood platelet was low. They had me retest 3 months later and it was fine. During that time I took a mushroom complex and ip6.

Anybody out there ever had a low white blood count?


lollygag said...

Once I had a low white blood cell count. "They" told me it was a sign of infection, but couldn't tell me where. A few months later it was apparent--my 7 year old root canal failed and there was major infection in this area.

New to your blog, but been enjoying your new and old pictures--do you miss your old bustline?

Laurie said...

Before I owned Crossfit10 I was a chemotherapy nurse. I saw low white counts all the time, but it was usually due to the chemo/radiation. Other causes can be infection and autoimmune diseases among other things. How low was it? If it was just a bit below normal, I would not worry too much! :)

I love to read about your adventures on this blog! You are a really motivating person!

Neal Jamison said...

I had a physical once just a few days after a tough mountain 40 miler. So many of my counts were out of the "normal" range that he did a bunch of followup tests, all of which turned up negative.

I have a new doc now (just had a physical today), and I made sure he knew about my running before the tests. Docs need to understand that we are not "normal."

Most likely its nothing Catra. Keep up what you are doing!

Catra said...

Hi Lollygag-
Thanks for the post. That's what my doc. said it could be an infection. But since I seem to be fine she thought I should retest.
Nope don't miss the old bustline.

Catra said...

Hi Laurie-
It's suppose to be 3.8 and mine is 3.2. So we retested and hopefully everything will be normal.

Thanks for reading my blog. I'm glad you enjoy it.

Catra said...

Hi Neal-
My doc. does know all about my running. That's why I like her she thinks it's great what I do.

I'm thinking it is wacky because all the races I did leading up to the test. I haven't run a hundred in 3 weeks so this test should be better.

I have been tired the past few months but it could be all the training and racing.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

You look great in jeans-you should wear them more often.

Also, I wouldn't worry too much bout your results-I'm sure you're totally fine.

Judi said...

I have Hep C Catra (just wrote about it on my blog). I get monthly acupunture and take tons of immue boosting vitamins. What all do you take on a daily basis?

Good luck this weekend with your BFF Julia. You guys rock it.

xxoo - girl rule. :)