Monday, September 22, 2008

Half dome trip with my nephew Aaron and Andy.I was thrilled a few weeks back when my nephew Aaron asked if I would take him up Half dome for his 20th b-day. Me being an expert on Half Dome just went to the top for my 52nd time, I said yes. I have been wanting to take Andy up too. Since we both were recovering for injuries from AC 100 me from all my falls and Andy had blisters still healing.
He decided to come up too.
I was very impressed with Aaron he is actually in great shape. He did really well he had a blister starting which I fixed. Had sore legs on the way up and stomach issues which I was giving him salt for. He did awesome. Andy of course did great he is strong.
Andy did mentioned it was hard. Aaron said he wasn't sure at one point he was going to make it to the top. But he pushed through and we did the whole trip in 8 hours 25 min.
We had a blast. He did mention he wants to do it again. I told him I would take him in the Spring when the falls are flowing.
Vernal falls foot bridge
Near the base of Half Dome cables. Aaron and Andy
The boys going up the outside Catra style.


Brian said...

Catra - Awesome photos! Especially the one at the base of Half Dome. That is definitely on my list of things to do. I might be leaving Ohio next spring for another vacation to Yosemite so we'll see.

Nick said...

Love the pictures. I'll be heading out to Yosemite in May. Any info you can pass along would be appreciated.