Monday, September 29, 2008

The 100 mile glow. It's what you get after finishing a hundred mile race. Doesn't everyone get it?

Don't ask to understand the secrets of the universe, but simply to know what this moment means.
It's easy to get lost in endless speculation. So today, release the need to know why things happen as they do. Instead, ask for the insight to recognize what you're neant to learn.


leslie said...

Not only to you DO the impossible, you do it while looking beautiful! You set the bar unbelievably high for the rest of us mere mortals, Catra!

BTW, I'm running my first marathon (CIM) in December. Ran my first TRAIL half two weekends ago and loved it. And I continue to follow your blog with admiration, awe, and a teensy little bit of "maybe I can too..."!

leslie said...

I have a couple of questions.

1. Are you vegetarian? What do you eat to fuel your high distance runs?

2. Do you take days off after 100 milers? What do you do to recover?

3. Do you take any supplements that help with recovery?

I'd love it if you can answer, and I'm sure others would like to know too. Thanks in advance for any and all info you can share!

Julianne said...

Hi! Leslie just recommended your blog for ultra running in the area. I've been contemplating running something further than the 26.2 miles and well, you are apparently the go-to girl in the Bay Area when it comes to ultra/trail running! Wow, 100 miles is really phenomenal. Congrats on finishing your 8th one! And I love tattoos, too. I only have 3 right now but might be collecting some more soon. Also, very curious about Crossfit!


Jessi said...

Shit Catra, I don't look that good after driving that far!! I think that's one of your best pictures. Congratulations again! 8 in a year?!? That's amazing!

E-Speed said...

I think this is my favorite photo of you ever. You look great. I don't know how you do it. After a 100 I think I would be lucky to look anything like myself!

Jay said...

Hey Catra, congrats on gutting it out through a perfect storm of adversity... most probably would have just given up. You rock girl!!!

johnt said...

You have got to be the toughest woman I have ever met. You Rock!!


Hey Catra!!! Great job!!!! Love the "wild hair" look!! :)

Been training all year and with my schedule it looks like the only marathon that I'll be able to do this year is the Philadelphia marathon in November, which I'm looking forward to... Then next's ultratime!!!!

Thanks for the inspiration!!!



DB said...

Sorry didnt have a direct e mail for ya. There is a handful of us doing a long run Oct 18th on the PCT Hwy 50 - Donner Summit. Some folks wanna run shorter so they are driving, dropping resupply bags and then running 65 mi - 18mi. I am doing the HURT and wanted a long run. Let me know and I can include future updates for you or others.
In Adventure

Catra said...

Hey DB-
Thanks. I already have a fun run planned 60 miles from Hetch Hetchy to Yosemite valley on the 17th we are starting at 5pm and finishing hopefully 18 hours later.

Catra said...

Hi Leslie-
I am vegan.
I usually do shot blocks or gels every hour along with an electrolyte tab. I usually eat fruit off the table. I have supply drops with vegan cookies wheat free brown rice crackers and other salty snacks.
I use coconut water as my electrolyte drink. I also use cranberry juice and lemonade.
When it's hot and I have a crew I like fruit popcikles. I also like french fries during a hundred, just found that out this weekend. My friend Mike brought me some at mile 40 and 66 and it was great.

My feet are blistered but healing fast. I usually am running that Tuesday after my hundred.
L-Glutimine , Ribose powder. Vit C and e for recovery
That's all for now gotta take Rocky for a run.

CoyoteGirl said...

You look so great Catra! I love that photo.

Congrats on your big #8 for the year! That's just incredible. I want to be like you when I grow up.

leslie said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, Catra!

Julianne said...

Hi Catra,
You mentioned "supply drops" during your races in your response to Leslie... And you said your friend dropped off goods at mile 44 and 66. How do you normally arrange your supply drops? Do you usually have someone help you during your runs?

Btw, I'm also on Mike's email distribution list for East Bay trail running. Went on my first trail run this past weekend.


leslie said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, Catra!

Judi said...

Catra! Doing my 50k in 3 weeks! YEA! I always think of you when I am running the trails! You are the shit!