Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Wilderness is not only a condition of nature, but a state of mind and mood and heart."
~Ansel Adams~
Friday night was a fun night run in Yosemite with Linda & Julia. We ran out from Tiogo rd to Tamarack flat campground to El Cap look out and back 25 miles.
We could see the fire near Forresta and the sunset was awesome. I saw a lot of bats on the run along with a couple scorpions and lots of centipedes
;-)The weather was perfect just a long sleeve shirt was needed ;-) never got very cold.

It was one of those run where I just reflected on life and where my journey has taken me. I was lucky to be able to discover Yosemite after I got clean & sober and feel in love with it in 1994. I really became connected to Yosemite and the wild places it has to offer in 2002 when I spent weeks on end here mourning the loss of my Mom.
I basically lived out of my car and ran up Half Dome every day and to Clouds rest and beyond. I explored alone. It was a peaceful time and healing time.

The place has holds so many memories it is where I first rock climbed it was where I met my x-husband. It was where I met so many amazing climbers and people who loved life. It was fun being a dirt bag there off and on a few Summers.

It will always hold a special place in my heart. It has been my personal get away. It teaches me something each time my feet hit the trails there.

Ok Wasatch 100 is coming up fast. Next Friday I will head out to run and hopefully get finish #6 there.
Please send me positive vibes next weekend.

Heading to Sierra madre with Rocky tomorrow to visit Andy woo hoo looking forward to seeing him ;-) have a great weekend.


beadmobile said...

Oh definitely will send positive vibes next weekend. I will be on my first ever self supported bike trip on the KATY trail. I'll be riding 250 miles, but only 50/day :) Nice to read about how Yosemite is your place.

Ewa said...

Yosemite has magical healing powers. I truly believe that.
And that sunset is amazing.

Mud said...

I MET YOU! I just stumbled across your name in Born to Run and thought - could that have been that running chick I met in Yosemite in 2002? I lived and worked there that summer. I actually hiked half dome on one of days when you ran it. You ran it twice, though. The place seriously becomes part of your soul, doesn't it?

Mud said...

I MET YOU! I lived and worked there in the summer of 2002. I actually hiked Half Dome on one of the days you ran it - you ran it twice though. Camp 5, right?

That was one of, if not THE, best summer of my life. Yosemite becomes part of your soul, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Stinsons!! Want!!!!

Have a great run at Wasatch! Be cool to hear how that one goes. Genuinely hanging out for those shoes with all their cross-purpose awesomeness to hit Australia.
Just got the first pair of the new road shoe in US13.5 delivered to Australia today. Thought a fellow Hoka-Roka might dig these too:
I'm seriously loving them. Have been running in a halfsize too small because these didn't exist yet and happy quads were worth not-so-happy toes. Quick trail run tonight was bouncy bliss. *sigh* Almost didn't recognise you without yr big red cross from WS ; )

MrsQ said...

I just found and started following your blog because I googled you when I came across your name in Born To Run (because I am awesome at being a pseudo-stalker). :)